8 Gorgeous Ceiling Designs

Elegant Ceiling Designs that Add Beauty to Your Home

Ceiling designs can do wonders and improve the interiors of any room. It can stamp a house with an indelible sense of character. When most of us think about ceiling designs for our home, the only thing that comes to our mind is white and flat. Despite all the amazing steps we have taken into designing and decorating the rest of the house, a ceiling is something that skips our mind rather easily.

Ceiling DesignsCourtesy of Armstrong World Industries

Ceiling designs can have a powerful impact on the home’s interior design. Ceiling designs whether applied in the living room, dining area, kitchen or the bedroom, can change its appearance and give it a unique look. On the other hand, an outdated ceiling that doesn’t match its interior design is a total turn-off.

Here are some common ceiling designs which you can use to enhance the interior design of your house.

1. Drywall Ceiling DesignsFalse/Dry Ceiling Designs Courtesy of Home Design Bee

These ceiling designs are commonly seen in most homes. Conventional drywall ceilings are typically 8 feet high, have an uncluttered, flat surface. They are easy to decorate since they’re reachable with a stepladder. 

The inverted space in this style is usually used for lighting purpose. You can simply go for a built-in ceiling lamp, or make the bedroom look ultra-modern and stylish by adding some LED lights.

2. Tray Ceiling Designs Tray Ceiling Designs Courtesy of Houzz

Tray ceiling designs can make a small room seem bigger and give it a traditional and elegant touch. They are flat with a rectangular centre. Add some elegant light fixture and make them visually appealing.

Tray ceilings become more impressive when contrast paint is used to highlight the ceiling and its vertical step. A tray ceiling can either be “dropped” or “raised” depending on what is above the room, and the height of the ceiling. These ceiling designs are most common in dining rooms and master bedrooms.

3. Coffered Ceiling DesignsCoffered Ceiling DesignsCourtesy of Serenity in Design

Coffered ceiling designs of the past were typically architectural marvels, made from carved stone or prized wood species. Their architectural finish actually has its roots in the stone coffers of ancient Greece. In today’s homes, coffered ceiling designs contain sunken panels, often squares or rectangles.

A coffered ceiling is usually created by framing a series of interconnected vertical and horizontal lines across the ceiling. They are then covered with sheetrock and finished similarly to any normal ceiling. They create a sense of height in the room and give a luxurious look to it.

4. Cathedral Ceiling DesignsCathedral Ceiling DesignsCourtesy of Armstrong World Industries

Cathedral ceiling designs are high sloping lines up to the top of the house. They are visually impressive and join like an upside down V at the highest point possible, usually the peak of the roof. Cathedral ceilings soar to 15 feet or higher, creating a dramatic design element. These ceiling designs offer an airy and spacious feel to your bedroom.

Cathedral Ceilings have tall, steeply pitched angles that meet symmetrically at an overhead crease, the kind of ceilings usually found in traditional churches. These ceiling designs are extremely elegant but are not an option for rooms with another floor above them.

5. Vaulted Ceiling DesignsVaulted Ceiling Designs Courtesy of Houzz

Vaulted ceiling designs have unequal sloping sides that meet at a high point in a room. The asymmetry is the result of one wall being higher than its opposing wall. Vaulted ceiling makes the room look large. It adds volume and is a great way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom.

A vaulted ceiling flanked by large windows can add abundance of light, style and visual appeal to your bedroom.

6. Cove Ceiling DesignsCove Ceiling DesignsCourtesy of Inviting Home

Cove ceiling designs have a graceful round concave surface that unites the ceiling and the wall. It has no sharp corners or lines to define the edges of the room. Incorporate these into arched doorways, hallways, or other areas where you wish to have a fluid effect.

These ceiling designs look great but are very expensive. One needs to have a lot of material, time, skill and creativity to build them.

7. Beam Ceiling Designs Beam Ceiling Designs Courtesy of Homedit

Beam ceiling designs have exposed beams or joists that are typically laid across conventional white ceiling to add a rustic look to the room. They’re arranged horizontally and generally intersect at various points. These ceiling designs can either have load bearing (incorporated into the real structure of the home) or light weight faux beams for purely visual effect.

Beam ceilings bring a relaxed natural appeal to the room but are not very popular today.

8. Barrel-Vault Ceiling designs Barrel Vault Ceiling DesignsCourtesy of Houzz

Barrel vault ceilings are also known as a tunnel vault or wagon vault. These ceiling designs are not commonly seen in homes, but were common in Roman architecture. These curved ceilings or openings resemble the curve of a barrel that has been vertically cut into sections.

A barrel-vaulted ceiling over the bed can help create an intimate space while also adding room for some dramatic lighting options.

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