Guide to Simple Living Room Designs

Simple Living Room Designs

Discover some interesting ways to create simple living room designs for your house. For simple living room designs go easy on the decor, keep it neat and defined. Avoid adding too many furniture and knickknacks.

Get more tips on simple living room designs, go through our collection:

1. Simple Contemporary Living Room DesignsSimple Living Room Designs Courtesy of Burritt Bros, Photography by John Sinal

Design a lively living room with lots of glass doors and windows. They will maximize the entry of natural light into your living space. Gray sofas and armchair fit perfectly into a simple neutral living room design. The round, marble coffee table is simply stunning.

2. Simple Traditional Living Room DesignsSimple Living Room Designs Courtesy of Tamara Mack Design

Use beautiful prints and patterns to design your living room. Mix and match them with your living room color and style. Create a combination using – polka dots cushion, floral stools and green zebra print chairs.

3. Simple Eclectic Living Room DesignsSimple Living Room DesignsCourtesy of Kelly Nelson Designs, Photography by Albert Yee

Decorate your sofa or sectional with colorful cushions. Have fun and keep experimenting till you find the best match. Add matching porcelain vases on your coffee table and a nice modern art on the wall.

4. Simple Small Living Room Designs Simple Living Room DesignsCourtesy of Tobin + Parnes Design Enterprises

Add a touch of coral to you existing living room. Use a suspended fabric screen as a room divider. It’s translucent, doesn’t really block the light. And, it’s inexpensive and easy to removed and replace.

5. Simple Symmetrical Living Room DecorSimple Living Room DesignsCourtesy of Lovejoy Designs, Photography by Michael J. Lee

Humans love symmetry; create a symmetrical design for your living room. Create balance by going for same kind of decor on either side of the room. Go for a geometrical print rug and some ikat print throw pillows to add elegance.

6. Unique Living Room Designs Simple Living Room DesignsCourtesy of Emily A. Clark

Design a warm, beautiful living room that reflects your personality. Repetition is a key decor element. You can do clever repetition of color across the room. You can find skilful use of soft green on the wall art, curtains and cushions in this living room.

7. Simple Living Room Designs for Small SpacesSimple Living Room DesignsCourtesy of Urrutia Design

If you have a white living room, go for brown sofa, rug and coffee table. The white walls will light up your room and wooden flooring will make it welcoming for your guests. If you find the sofa a bit too dark, then you can opt for a light brown one.

8. Stylish Living Room DesignsSimple Living Room DesignsCourtesy of Atmosphere Interior Design, Photography by D&M Images

Go for black sofa and chair to create a stylish looking living room design. Exposed brick wall and black furniture can add glamour to your living space. Keep the window treatment simple to allow lots of light and fresh air into the room. I love the artwork and the stool!

9. Colorful Living Room Interior DesignsSimple Living Room DesignsCourtesy of Annie Lowengart, Photography by David Duncan Livingston

Get a bit funky with your decor. Don’t let the gray walls overpower your living room. Pop in some colorful pillows and stool to make interesting. Try not to cover up the windows. Go for this fresh and cool living room with lots of natural light.

10. Neutral Living Room DesignsSimple Living Room DesignsCourtesy of Jace Interiors

Add a chic, stylish rug to enhance the beauty of your living room. This is a great place to entertain your guests. Huge windows help push the ceiling a bit higher. The console table and the foldable screen are some lovely additions to this living space.

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