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Top 21 Holi Rangoli Design

Enjoy Holi by making beautiful Holi rangoli design in your home. Holi is one of the major spring festivals of India. It is a festival of colors, joy and happiness. It brings people together, creates harmony and bonds them with love.

Holi celebrations start on the night before Holi with a Holika dahan. People gather, sing and dance around the bonfire. The next morning people play with color. They chase each other carrying water guns, dry colored powder and colored water-filled balloons.

Nobody is spared on Holi, everyone has to play. People visit family, friends and foes and throw color on each other. They laugh, enjoy and have fun. Holi delicacies are prepared at every house. Colorful rangoli designs for Holi are made and in the evening, people dress up and visit friends and family.

Take a look at these bright, vibrant, colorful Holi rangoli design:

1. Holi Rangoli 

Holi Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Neelam Bharti

Wish everyone “Happy Holi” with this nice Holi rangoli design. I love this creative rangoli, specially the smiley.

2. Easy Rangoli Design for Holi

Easy Rangoli Design for HoliCourtesy of Ashwini Patil Tahasildar

Make this beautiful, colorful birdie. It is is a very easy rangoli design and can be made by kids and beginners.

3. Holi ki Rangoli

Holi ki Rangoli Courtesy of Bhawna Saxena

Draw a peacock rangoli for Holi. Make this Holi ki rangoli at the entrance of your house or in your living room.

4. Holi Kolam Rangoli Design

Holi Kolam Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Shanthi Sridharan

Go for this pretty kolam rangoli design for Holi. Use a lot of different colors to create this kolam design.

5. Holi Special Rangoli Design

Holi Special Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Ritesh Yadav

Add a bit of spice to your Holi celebration. Make this politically inspired rangoli design of Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal playing Holi together.

6. Rangoli Designs with Theme for Competition

Rangoli Designs with Theme for Competition - HoliCourtesy of Dibs Creative World

Check out this rangoli design with Holi theme. There is the element of mischief in this rangoli that reflects the very essence of Holi.

7. Holi Festival Rangoli

Holi Festival RangoliCourtesy of Dibs Creative World

On Holi we play with water color and gulaal (powder color). Make this cool Holi rangoli design on festive eve.

8. Holi Kolam Design

Holi Kolam DesignCourtesy of A M Rani Selvaraj

Here is a colorful kolam for Holi. Make a simple round kolam design and fill it with bright rangoli powder.

9. Rangoli Designs with Color

Holi Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Meenakshi Odedra

The use of red in the centre and green on the outside makes this Holi rangoli design very attractive.

10. Holi Rangoli 2016

Holi Rangoli 2016Courtesy of Yashashri Chaudhari

Here is another amazing rangoli for Holi. Use colored rice or salt to make the centre and make a nice border around it.

11. Festival Rangoli Designs

Holi Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Shubha Shanubhogue

Choose this rangoli for Holi. You can place a flower pot in the centre.

12. Holi Special Rangoli  

Holi Special Rangoli Courtesy of Ruchita Patil

Use white, yellow, green, red and brown to make this rangoli.

13. Salt Holi Rangoli 

Holi Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Ruchita Patil

A perfect rangoli for Holi! I love the splash of colors in here.

14. Colorful Holi Rangoli

Holi Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Komal Patil

Go for this awesome Ganpati rangoli design for this year Holi.

15. Rangoli Patterns for Holi

Rangoli Patterns for HoliCourtesy of DK

Check out this hexagonal Holi rangoli with a circular design in it. Fill each circle with a different color.

16. Simple Round Rangoli

Simple Round Rangoli Courtesy of Nandini Vaidya

Give an elevated look to your rangoli. Use dots to create this stunning, multi-colored Holi rangoli design.

17. Simple Holi Rangoli Designs

Simple Holi Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Anita Kondaskar

Make this simple Holi rangoli by drawing colorful concentric circles. Then, use white rangoli powder to make patterns on them.

18. Sanskar Bharti Holi Rangoli Design

Sanskar Bharti Holi Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Rutuja Shete

Use Sanskar Bharti patterns to prepare this awe-inspiring rangoli. The border is inspired by peacock’s feather.

19. 3D Holi Rangoli Design‎ 

3D Holi Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Maheshwari Ramesh

Make this 3D rangoli for Holi festival. The design is pretty illutional in nature; stare at them and they seem to move.

20. Free Hand Kolam Rangoli for Holi

Free Hand Kolam Rangoli for HoliCourtesy of Maheshwari Ramesh

You can even make this free hand kolam rangoli design for Holi. Make cute floral patterns to get this look.

21. Creative Holi Rangoli

Creative Holi Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Rita More Gaikwad

Use shells, cut mirror and sequins to pep-up your rangoli. Make this amazing rangoli on Holi.

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