10 Home Office Ideas

Efficient Home Office Ideas and Designs

Discover smart home office ideas to create an efficient work space for yourself. Home office is a place to sit and work. You can have your home office in a separate room or set it up in any space you comfortable with. You can take up a cozy corner of your living room or use a niche in your bedroom.

Are you someone who works from home? Then you need your personal work space to keep you motivated and comfortable. When working on a home office design you need to keep some important things in mind.

1. Plan your home office away from high traffic area of the house. Pick a quiet place to stay away from distractions.

2. Invest in a nice desk and a comfortable chair as you would be spending hours sitting on it.

3. Your home office should have a view; you just can’t keep staring at a wall.

4. Make sure it has enough storage space to keep your files, mail and stationery in place.

Take your pick from these home office ideas and start designing one for yourself.

1. Personal Touch

Home Office IdeasCourtesy of Goeogio Homes

Give a personal touch to your home office. Go for an elegant all white office. Pick up a sleek desk and decorate the office with wall art and vases.

2. Use Upstairs Landing Area

Home Office IdeasCourtesy of Design Elite, Photography by Goodwin Foust

Use the upstairs landing area for your home office ideas. Go for a build-in desk with a lot of cabinets and shelves around for storage.

3. Monochrome Home Office Decor

Home Office IdeasCourtesy of Martha O’Hara Interiors, Photography by Corey Gaffer

This is a great office with a black and white color scheme. Place the desk in a power position so that you’re in control of everything. The desk should either face the entrance of the office or the area where visitors are sitting.

4. Brighten up the Space

Home Office IdeasCourtesy of Sweetwater Homes

This is a room with a huge window and a fun ceiling. Go for a blue color ceiling and a chair. Add desktop organizers for paper and stationery to keep your desk clutter-free.

5. Cozy Corner

Home Office IdeasCourtesy of Decotick

Turn the corner into a simple home office. Go for leggy furniture; decorate the area with a time piece and wall art. Hang a drop pendant light from the ceiling. The window offers natural light, air and view to the office space.

6. Think out of the Box

Home Office IdeasCourtesy of Openstudio Architects, Photography by Richard Davies

Go for a dramatic office space. Turn your attic with slanted roof and triangle window into your personal work space. It has a great view and you can spend some lone time working there.

7. Small Warm Space

Home Office IdeasCourtesy of Luke Cartledge Photography

Here is a small modern office space. The home office area is warm and cozy. It has some great lighting and it is situated in such a way that you won’t get distracted easily.

8. Creative Niche

Home Office IdeasCourtesy of Blackbox Design Studios, Photography by Mark Heywood

Create a unique work space; go for a cool wall panel with big chunky timber shelves. The desk is lit up by under shelf lighting.

9. Use Wallpaper

Home Office IdeasCourtesy of Kimberley Morris Interior Design, Photography by Jessica Jean Martin

The desk is facing the wall; hence make it interesting by adding wallpaper to it. You can even opt for a mural or a photograph for the same.

10. Under the Stairs

Home Office IdeasCourtesy of Andrew Snow Photography

Tuck a small desk and a chair under the staircase to create a small office space for yourself. Turn dead space into something useful. I love the planter and the painting, they are lovely.

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