20 Indian Bedroom Designs

You Can’t Miss These Indian Bedroom Designs

Indian bedroom designs are created with a very homely, cozy approach. They are energized by the love and warmth among the people who live in it. You can find splashes of colour as well as rich neutral tones in these bedrooms.

Most Indian bedroom designs are quite simple but as the saying goes simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. One doesn’t need fancy furniture, lighting or accessories to design one of these. Discover some cool Indian bedroom designs and use some of the tips and ideas to design your own bedroom.

1. Warm Indian Bedroom DesignsIndian Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Chic Redesign

This Indian style bedroom has rich color, nice hardwood floor and contrasting dark wood furniture. Use bright orange color to accentuate the bedroom.

2. Rustic Style Indian Bedroom DesignsIndian Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Howells Architecture + Design, Photography by David Agnello

Go for modern, clean-lined bedroom furniture. Make sure not to go overboard with the rustic look.

3. Colourful Indian Bedroom DesignsIndian Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Saar Interior Design

Here is a typical Gujarati bedroom – colorful and vibrant. Prepare an resemblance, use bright, sparking fabric for curtain, bedspread and cushions.

4. Indian Bedroom Decoration Ideas Indian Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Wendy Black Rodgers Interiors

Beautiful mix of colors and accessories! A lot of detail goes into the decor of Indian bedroom designs; one can spend hours appreciating them.

5. Asian Bedroom DesignsIndian Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Audrey Brandt Interiors

Check out this pretty bedroom design with matching headboard and side table. I just love this exotic bedspread, it’s gorgeous.

6. Serene Indian Bedroom DesignsIndian Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Interiors by Mary Susan

Choose a neutral palette for Indian bedroom designs. This room emanates balance and serenity. The wall art, bed spread and the lamp tie up the room together in blue.

7. Stylish Bedroom Designs for Indian HomesIndian Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Rebecca Mitchell Interiors, Photography by Laura Garner

Add some colour by creating a red accent wall to your bedroom. The wooden bed and lilac throw pillows compliment the decor and takes it a notch higher.

8. Beautiful Indian Bedroom DesignsIndian Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Mid-Century Art Supergraphics, Photography by Vintage Graphics

What a lovely decor! Get some amazing light fixture, wall art, furniture and bedding for your bedroom. I love the leather headboard and the bench.

9. Small Indian Bedroom DesignsIndian Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Sarah Greenman

A mirrored wall art and pendant light can help you create a perfect bedroom design. If you are tight on space go for a small bed.

10. Traditional Indian Bedroom Design IdeasIndian Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Rave Reviews Home Staging, Photography by Wally Sears

You can also go for a traditional style decor. Get dark wood furniture and paint the wall in light blue color to create this serene bedroom.

11. Transitional Bedroom Designs Indian Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Frank Gill Design

A neutral colored bedroom is extremely pleasing to the eyes. Use different shades of brown and beige to get this look for your bedroom.

12. Indian Bedroom Furniture IdeasIndian Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Rosewood Home & Condo

These Indian bedroom designs will leave most of us speechless. The above bedroom has rosewood furniture and they add the right amount of warmth to it.

13. Indian Bedroom DesignsIndian Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Great Neighborhood Homes

Brighten up your mornings by waking up in this bedroom every day. Add a few brown and blue throw pillows on and a bunch of sunflower by your bed.

14. Master Bedroom Designs IndiaIndian Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Jose Cantanhede Photo

Keep your bedroom sweet and simple by opting for an all white theme. White creates a peaceful ambiance where you can relax after a busy day.

15. Eclectic Indian Bedroom DesignsIndian Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Pixilo Designs

Purple bed and the bench along with a gold rimmed mirror and bed frame help add royal touch to this bedroom.

16. Bedroom Designs Indian StyleIndian Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of MJ Lanphier

Go for a four-poster bed and add wallpaper behind it to create an accent wall. The bed spread and lord Krishna idol are complimenting each other. I love the glass top side tables, they’re gorgeous.

17. Simple Indian Bedroom DesignsIndian Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Hai Nam

Go for a wall set up with open shelves and drawers to help create some storage and display space in your bedroom. Place the T.V in front of the bed so you can enjoy watching it while lying and relaxing.

18. Indian Bedroom Designs InteriorIndian Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Taylor Design Group

Love the use of orange color throughout the bedroom. Silk fabric offers the required sheen and plants introduce a bit of nature into the bedroom.

19. Indian Bed DesignsIndian Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Exotic Interiors

A canopy bed can add an element of charm into any bedroom. Go for a white and lime green bedding.

20. Bedroom Furniture Designs IndiaIndian Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Woodbridge Interiors

Decorate your bedroom using grey rug, hanging pendant lights and solid wood furniture.

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