15 Indian Dining Room Designs

Gorgeous Indian Dining Room Designs

Take a look at these beautiful Indian dining room designs. I’m sure you can get some valuable tips by going through them. Indian interiors have lots of browns and beige. They have a certain amount of warmth about them.

You can have a dining room that is separate or it can be an extension of your living room or kitchen. It is a place to relax and have sumptuous food with your loved ones. It is a place where you can work or sit for a chat with your friends.

Here are some cool Indian dining room designs, check them out:

1. Use a Mirror

Indian Dining Room Designs Courtesy of Form Space N Design Architects

This is a very cozy looking dining room with a large mirror and lots of storage space. The dining table set fits perfectly in here. Add matching curtains to get this gorgeous look.

2. Merge it with the Drawing Room

Indian Dining Room Designs Courtesy of Morph Design Company

Here is a drawing-cum-dining hall which is quite common in Indian homes. This opens up the area giving more room to breathe. Try to blend the interior of both spaces into each other to get a seamless feel.

3. Go for a Glass Dining Table Set

Indian Dining Room Designs Courtesy of Aum Architects

Take a look at this dining room overlooking the backyard. It has a huge window that brings in ample of natural light and fresh air. This is a small dining room, hence go for a glass dining table and light colored chairs.

4. Choose a Dark Wood Decor

Indian Dining Room Designs Courtesy of Ya Interiors

Clever lighting can help you create a perfect ambiance in your dining room. Keep a balance between the use of dark and light color. Take your pick on sheer curtains rather than going for the ones with heavy fabric.

5. Keep it Light

Indian Dining Room Designs Courtesy of Savio & Rupa Interior Concepts

Go for simple leggy dining table and chair to make your dining space look more spacious. Simplicity is the key in this dining room decor. Love the wood and white color combination used in this room.

6. Pick a Chandelier

Indian Dining Room Designs Courtesy of The Ashleys

Give your dining room a luxurious look by adding a crystal chandelier. The wallpaper with silver motif and the mirrored wall make it all the more elegant. Go for a black glass top table and white upholstered chairs.

7. Blast of Color

Indian Dining Room Designs Courtesy of Khosla Associates, Photography by Shamanth Patil J

What a lively dining room! I love the copper hanging light, the rug, chairs, artwork and everything else. The extensive use of color makes this Indian dining room design a visual delight.

8. Handle the Luxury 

Indian Dining Room Designs Courtesy of Diwanshu Gupta

Here is an impeccable dining room design. Use one side to build storage space. Go for glass door cabinets for storing your crockery. Choose same color furniture for living room and dining room to keep them in sync.

9. Sweet and Simple

Indian Dining Room Designs Courtesy of YA Interiors

This is a minimal dining room design with simple decor. Decorate the wall with a photos and add spotlighting to highlight them. Add a pendant light in the center to get this look.

10. A Partition will Do

Indian Dining Room Designs Courtesy of Total Interiors Solutions

If you wish you can install a partition between the living room and your dining space. You can use curtain or a wood screen. Go for a nice hanging light fixture to pep up your Indian dining room designs.

11. Decorate the Wall

Indian Dining Room Designs Courtesy of Vastu Exotic Homes

This looks like a simple dining room design on a budget. Decorate the wall with artwork or photographs. Place a matching runner on the dining table to dress it up.

12. The Stylish Look

Indian Dining Room Designs Courtesy of Fulcrum Studio

This is a spacious dining area with a long, sleek dining table and mismatched chairs. I love the lights that are hanging from the ceiling.

13. Get the Green

Indian Dining Room Designs Courtesy of Nrupen Madhvani

Add plants and flowers to your Indian dining room designs for a fresh look. Go for a solid wood table and upholstered chairs. Use artwork to add some color to the otherwise grey and white dining room.

14. Get an Accent Wall 

Indian Dining Room Designs Courtesy of AIS Designs

Check out this splendid dining hall with an amazing accent wall. You can use paint, wood, decals, murals or wallpaper to build an accent wall.

15. Give it a Traditional Touch

Indian Dining Room Designs Courtesy of Creative Axis Interiors

Give a traditional touch to the dining room by going for a wall picture of a woman from olden days.

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