Indian Kitchen Designs and Ideas

Modular Indian Kitchen Designs

Indian kitchen designs are really warm and welcoming. Usually it is the heart of the house where tasty treats are cooked for the whole family. Before, they used to have very traditional designs. But with modern times came stylish kitchen designs that were modular and more efficient. Everything became compact and space optimization took over.

Take a look at these Indian kitchen designs for ideas:

1. Galley Kitchen Designs

Indian Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of Kavita Bhalerao, Photography by Subhash Patil

Check out this simple galley kitchen with black granite countertop. It has lots of storage space that include a few open shelf which gives easy access. Adding a fan to your kitchen seems like a good idea to me.

2. Kitchen Designs for Indian Homes

Indian Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of Kiran Nama Photography

This is a spacious kitchen with a nice color scheme. Use of dark backsplash tiles help to keep the kitchen walls clean and tidy. Add stools to the raised countertop to create a cozy breakfast nook.

3. Contemporary Kitchen Designs

Indian Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of Aegis

Go for dark under cabinets and backsplash. Keep the rest of the kitchen light in color. Match the countertop with upper cabinets, wall and the floor.

4. Simple Kitchen Designs 

Indian Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of Space Plus

Take a look at this simple Indian kitchen design. The glossy, flat paneled cupboards give a chic look to it. You can add a sleek wooden cabinet that extends to the dining area for storing your chinaware.

5. Indian Kitchen Designs

Indian Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of Culturals Interior Designers

This looks like a typical Indian style kitchen design. Pop of color here and there brightens up the space and makes it look lively. Use the space beneath the stairs for storage.

6. Small Kitchen Designs

Indian Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of Cee Bee Design Studio

Pick up this small modular kitchen design for ideas. The yellow and white lacquer interiors give an interesting look to it. Use the space below the cabinet to hang your pans, cups and ladle.

7. Kitchen Design Photo Gallery

Indian Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of Studio 7 Designs

If you have a spacious home then go for this kitchen design. It is a U-shaped kitchen with an island in the center. The island has a raised countertop which makes for a smart breakfast nook.

8. Modular Kitchen Designs

Indian Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of The Hive

Indians love color, it makes them happy. Check out this white and red kitchen design. The floral wallpaper is just awesome! Go for build in space for your appliances and refrigerator.

9. Modern Kitchen Designs

Indian Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of Gotmare and Associates

Here is a white rectangular kitchen design with black countertop. It is well-lit for the night and has two large windows for entry of air and natural light during the day time.

10. Kitchen Design Images

Indian Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of Xpert Designs

The cupboards on the left have been used to create a divide between the kitchen and the dining space. It is a small kitchen but looks extremely efficient and hassle-free.

11. Indian Style Kitchen Design 

Indian Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of NVT Design Studio

Looks like a dream kitchen design. It is a huge kitchen with some cool backsplash tiles. It has a door at the far end, looks like a wash area or a small kitchen garden to me.

12. Small Kitchen Design Ideas 

Indian Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of Sameer Chawda Photography

Small spaces are a bit tricky to design. Here is a simple kitchen design for your apartment. I love the black and white glass cabinets above the countertop.

13. Kitchen Design Layout

Indian Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of Cuisine Classica

Go for white and beige color scheme. Keep the drawers and walls white in color and the rest of the kitchen in beige. This kitchen looks warm and welcoming.

14. Kitchen Design Ideas

Indian Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of Interior Illusions Plus

Here is a typical kitchen design for Indian home. This L-shaped kitchen has a nice tray ceiling with LED lights. Add a glass table and a couple of chairs to create a cozy space for eating breakfast.

15. Colorful Indian Kitchen Design

Indian Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of Scale Inch

This is a sleek narrow kitchen design with loads of storage space. The color scheme is absolutely stunning; yellow and grey go well with each other.

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