Indian Living Room Designs

Gorgeous Indian Living Room Designs and Images

Get inspired by going through these alluring Indian living room designs. Each one of them is a beauty and painstakingly created by some very talented Indian interior designers.

A living room is a space allocated in an apartment or a residential house for relaxing and socializing. It’s the first room that people see as they enter your house. Hence, decorate your living room in a tasteful way so as to leave an impact on everyone and elevate the mood with positive vibes.

Here are beautiful Indian living room designs which would undoubtedly drive you to make certain obvious changes in your living rooms.

1. Indian Living Room Designs for Small Spaces

Indian Living Room DesignsCourtesy of Shahen Mistry Architects

This looks like a small living room design. The laser cut jali wall is exquisite. The motif fabric and upholstery is in sharp contrast but attractive. The sheer curtain and the fur carpet also go well with the decor.

2. Stylish Indian Living Room Designs 

Indian Living Room DesignsCourtesy of Essentia Environments

This formal looking living room has huge space to satiate your aesthetic cravings. The room looks complete with warm veneer panels and long beige drapes. Stylish centerpieces and accessories are chosen immaculately to adorn the area.

3. Interior Design Ideas for Small Indian Homes

Indian Living Room Designs Courtesy of Kavita Bhalerao

These Indian living room designs are generally used in small living room. The English sofa and the glass top center table create magic. The painting on the wall is quite exquisite.

4. Contemporary Indian Living Room Designs

Indian Living Room Designs Courtesy of Milind Pai Architects and Interior Designers

The Indian living room designs like these have got some interesting elements. Capturing my attention is the beautiful glass wall behind the sofa. I love the series of pendant lights in orange color; it is sure to capture everyone’s eye.

5. Interior Design of Hall in Indian Style

Indian Living Room Designs Courtesy of Designs for Living

This is a huge living room and it also shares space with the dining hall. The tall potted plants add splash of green to the otherwise very neutral kind of decor. The decorative lights and artwork are very appealing.

6. Indian Living Room Ideas

Indian Living Room Designs Courtesy of iStudio Architecture, Photography by Pradnya Ranaware

The dazzling lighting plays the entire trick in these Indian living room designs. The room looks smart and elegant with the straight and clean line furniture. The balcony is a cozy extension, for the world to take a peek in.

7. Drawing Room Interior Design Indian 

Indian Living Room Designs Courtesy of YA Interiors

The designer has used a plethora of colors in this living room. There is this beautiful accent wall in maroon. The shades of the roller have a beautiful combination of polka dots and beige. Get some awesome ideas on how to do up a modern TV wall.

8. Drawing Room Interior Design Photos

Indian Living Room Designs Courtesy of Fulcrum Studio

This living room is pretty long. The place is filled with sectional and chairs. Another attractive thing in here is the beautiful accent wall behind the sofa. The living room has an attached balcony and the glass sliders filter in just enough sunlight to give the much needed warmth to it.

9. Simple Living Room Designs India

Indian Living Room Designs Courtesy of A Chandra Shekhar

These are small Indian living room designs which are elegant and beautiful. The beige color sectional sofa looks more attractive and colorful because of the vibrant back cushion. The entire room is done up in neutral tones and the illumination helps to highlight every corner of the room.

10. Indian Living Room Decor Ideas

Indian Living Room Designs Courtesy of AKDA

Check out for this cozy looking living room with stunning decor! It is strikingly noticeable that no accessories are adorning the wall but the rich colors of the upholstery takes the onus of creating the magic. The two leveled centre table looks very interesting.

11. Living Room Designs Indian Apartments

Indian Living Room Designs Courtesy of BetterGhar

Living rooms like these are exemplary of smart and clutter free-living room. The comfortable Lawson style sofa looks great and extends a soft ambience owing to the subtle tones of the upholstery. The lighting arrangement is an added aesthetic element.

12. Eclectic Indian Living Room Designs

Indian Living Room Designs Courtesy of Savio & Rupa Interior Concepts

The chief element that attracts my attention is the highlight wall behind the television console. The tones of the upholstery are in synchronization with the accent wall. The cabinet offers nice storage area.

13. Modern Indian Living Room Designs

Indian Living Room Designs Courtesy of Dilip Pandya

Check out for such sophisticated Indian living room designs! Here the color blue gives a rich and royal look to the room, and the white color speaks of calmness and serenity. The window treatment is stylish and awesome.

14. Living Room Designs Indian Style

Indian Living Room Designs Courtesy of GBB Construction Solutions

This living room design is my style statement. I don’t appreciate too much of everything in the living room and this decor suffices my idea. The wooden accent wall with accessories looks attractive. Adding on to it is the unique window treatment.

15. Indian Living Room Designs

Indian Living Room Designs Courtesy of Morph Design Company

First of all let me draw your attention to the centre tables with exquisite centre pieces. The sectional sofa with comfortable cushions looks great. The sheer curtains allow soft sun rays to give warmth to the atmosphere. Such Indian living room designs flaunt of simplicity and grace.

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