Indian Style Kitchen Design

Modular Indian Style Kitchen Design

We are here with interesting Indian style kitchen design and interior ideas for you. Most of these kitchen designs are suitable for Indian homes.

Indian cuisine is full of delicious and spicy food as well as healthy servings. For such a hearty spread one needs to have a good, systematic and organized kitchen design. Modular kitchen units help you to make most of the available space.

Presenting a plethora of Indian style kitchen design, they will enable you to cook delectable meals in an enjoyable atmosphere.

1. Indian Kitchen Designs

Indian Style Kitchen DesignCourtesy of Kamal Preet

Check out this lovely open Indian style kitchen design. This is a well illuminated kitchen area. The pendant lamps and the light below the cabinets are highlighting the countertops. In spite of it being a small area, this kitchen is well customized, taking the needs and requirements into consideration.

2. Modern Indian Kitchen Design Ideas

Indian Style Kitchen DesignCourtesy of Mahashweta Shah

Here is an elegant streamlined kitchen design for you. The modular furniture in grey gives a sophisticated look and extends a sense of belonging. Team up grey tiles with regular white ones for the backsplash and this seems to define the simplicity of this kitchen area. The window admits natural light making cooking an enjoyable experience.

3. Stylish Kitchen Designs Layouts

Indian Style Kitchen DesignCourtesy of Mahashweta Shah

Check out this ‘L’ shaped kitchen design. Install all the kitchen appliances along the right-angled wall leaving much clear space to work. Add a floating shelf to serve as the breakfast nook. It is a great idea to create as much storage space as you could in your kitchen.

4. Simple Kitchen Design for Middle Class Family

Indian Style Kitchen DesignCourtesy of K D Mistry Interiors

Chequered backsplash in this Indian style kitchen design is an amazing idea. The sizeable cabinets and the pull out drawers have made it quite evident that the kitchen has substantial storage capacity. The orange and white color combination brings a joyous feeling to the kitchen.

5. Indian Style Kitchen Design

Indian Style Kitchen DesignCourtesy of Saurabh Karhade & Associates

This looks like a renovated traditional Indian style kitchen design. The decor predominantly revolves around the color brown, and to tone it down pair it with yellow. Yellow sparks life and energy in the atmosphere. Take special care about the lighting arrangements.

6. Indian Galley Kitchen Design 

Indian Style Kitchen DesignCourtesy of Cuisine Classica

Check out this parallel modular kitchen design. You can fix the appliances on one wall and leave the other platform clear for any other kind of work. As it’s a sleek narrow kitchen design, go for subtle color combination for the backsplash and the cabinet.

7. Simple Kitchen Design

Indian Style Kitchen DesignCourtesy of Innovation

The compact and simple look of this kitchen makes it appealing. The accessories are all made of glistening and shiny steel. You can always go for tiled backsplash which is easy to clean. Broad and wide cabinets and pull out drawers caters to ample storage space.

8. Kitchen Designs for Indian Homes

Indian Style Kitchen DesignCourtesy of Image n Shape

This contemporary Indian style kitchen design is smart and functional. The amazing multicolored backsplash looks new in its style and concept. Add a small element of Feng Shui by way of bamboo shoots which represents health, growth and longevity. All the accessories are modern, colorful and user-friendly.

9. Traditional Indian Kitchen Design

Indian Style Kitchen DesignCourtesy of A Chandra Shekhar

Let me bring to your notice the earthen pot that makes this a quintessential Indian Kitchen. The tall cabinet looks like a great organizer wherein you can store all the essentials items in style and finesse. Adding more color to the kitchen area are the white and maroon cabinets, pullout trays and drawers.

10. Modular Kitchen Designs for Small Kitchens Photos

Indian Style Kitchen DesignCourtesy of Source Architecture

This looks like a ‘sunshine kitchen’ with various shades of vibrant yellow pervading all over the kitchen, creating an excellent visual impact. I love the opaque glass cabinets and the huge pantry created on one side of the kitchen.

11. Open Indian Kitchen Design

Indian Style Kitchen DesignCourtesy of Architecture + Research Laboratory

This kitchen looks sizeable, may be, because of the extension which has been used as the dining area. Undoubtedly, the room has superb ventilation to keep the atmosphere fresh and airy. The electrical and illumination work is done in well planned way to eliminate any kind of shadow or dark corner.

12. Modular Kitchen Designs Photos

Indian Style Kitchen DesignCourtesy of Origin Interiors

This is a huge kitchen design in white. There are more than enough places for varied culinary requirements in the kitchen. The cook top is fixed on the island in the centre with lots of counters surrounding it.

13. Small Kitchen Interiors

Indian Style Kitchen DesignCourtesy of Atul Joshi Innovations

Here is a small kitchen area, organised in an excellent way. Every corner of the kitchen has been utilized to the greatest. Place all the kitchen appliances systematically keeping in mind the convenience of the person working in there. I like the under cabinet lighting idea.

14. Indian Kitchen Designs Photo Gallery

Indian Style Kitchen DesignCourtesy of Sneha Mohta Designs, Photography by Romee Jain

This spacious kitchen has beautiful blue glass door cabinets. Straight-lined countertops make the work place more accessible. Another eye-catching feature is the white kitchen table placed impeccably in the corner making it easier for the house lady to cook and serve.

15. Kitchen Designs for Indian Homes

Indian Style Kitchen DesignCourtesy of ARK Reza Kabul Architects

The granite counter top placed on elegant wood finished cabinets make a great pair. I just love the view of this open plan kitchen. The existing kitchen design has clean lines, modern appliances and just enough air to give a happy aura to this place. But, there is ample place to create and recreate various elements pertaining on kitchen decor.

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