Interesting Bathroom Designs

Ideas to Create Unique and Interesting Bathroom Designs of Your Own

Bathroom reflects your individuality, so make it classy and comfortable. Put up an exotic tub, stylish sink, shower or faucet; give it a luxurious look by going a bit creative. Try some out of the box ideas and create some interesting bathroom designs at your home.

People love to relax and spend time in their bathroom. A beautiful bathroom can have positive effect on one’s mood. Therefore, pay special attention to its interior such as the ceiling, floor, lighting, ventilation and vanity.

Take a look at some of these interesting bathroom designs:

1. Under the SkyInteresting Bathroom Designs Courtesy of Jones Clayton Construction

Beam ceiling with skylight roof makes for some very interesting bathroom designs. You can soak in the tub under the sky. Go for this spacious bathroom with ceiling and a cool bath tub.

2. Be BoldInteresting Bathroom DesignsCourtesy of Houzz

Create this stylish bathroom with a round tub placed in front of the shower enclosure. Choose a bold colour to highlight the shower area.

3. Classic TouchInteresting Bathroom DesignsCourtesy of Deep River Partners

The focal point of this gorgeous bathroom is the tub. An intricate tile design and a unique shape allows this central tub to truly stand on its own.

4. Canopy StyleInteresting Bathroom DesignsCourtesy of Chris Barrett Design

This Moroccan bathroom with bright blue tiles and wooden canopy will leave you speechless.

5. Go MetallicInteresting Bathroom DesignsCourtesy of Helen Scott

Create this stunning bathroom by going for these metallic tiles. The penny tiles on the floor add a lot of shine and shimmer to your bathroom.

6. Royal TouchInteresting Bathroom Designs Courtesy of JMA Interior Decoration

Give a royal look to your bathroom, go for this antique look. Create columns and arches around the vanity and shower area. Emphasize on colour and lighting of the room.

7. Romantic RetreatInteresting Bathroom DesignsCourtesy of Gaskin Designs

This dark calm bathroom has an amazing mosaic floor; it creates an amazing 3-D effect. Create a romantic atmosphere by placing candles like the ones on those misplaced shelves.

8. Touch of LuxuryInteresting Bathroom DesignsCourtesy of PROjECT. interiors + Aimee Wertepny

Wow, what a beautiful bathroom! Add a chic chandelier in the centre and change the entire look of your bathroom.

9. Fire it UpInteresting Bathroom DesignsCourtesy of Macaluso Designs

Take a look at this huge bathroom with a fire-place and lots of sitting space. The candles and fireplace gives a warm feel to it. This fabulous bathroom has just about everything you’d need for a spa-style afternoon.

10. Stone AffairInteresting Bathroom DesignsCourtesy of Knudson Interiors

Place a striking stone bath tub to create some interesting bathroom designs of your own. These glass doors make way for the outdoor shower area, you could cover the area or leave it open according to your wish.

11. Go GreenInteresting Bathroom DesignsCourtesy of Ethan Tweedie

Here is a bathroom of your dreams, full of luxury in every sense. This open bathroom has lots of greenery around which makes it a perfect place to relax on holiday.

12. Calm and QuietInteresting Bathroom DesignsCourtesy of Habachy Designs

One of the main features of the bathroom is the round marble clad garden tub, and the stone mosaic feature wall behind it.

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