Interesting Beds

It’s Sleep Time-Get One of These Interesting Beds

How about getting some sleep in these interesting beds. They are definitely not the usual ones but are comfortable and unique. Have a look at these unusual, interesting beds:

1. Log BedInteresting Beds Courtesy of Laurel Feldman Interiors, Photograph by Jeff Ellis

This is a fabulous log bed with branches as headboard and footboard. The bed will make you feel as if you are sleeping in a tree house.

2.Woven BedInteresting Beds Courtesy of LKID Interior Designers and Decorators, Photography by Robert Brantley

Take a look at this incredible cool bed made up of abaca and steel. It’s beautifully woven and feels as if you floating with it.

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3. Swing BedInteresting Beds Courtesy of Straticon

A swing bed by the sea-side is a perfect place to relax on a lazy afternoon. You can easily set this bed in your balcony, patio or backyard.

4. Platform BedInteresting Beds Courtesy of KuDa Photography

Go for this cool platform bed with real onyx headboard. A dark bed with side extensions and a breathtaking headboard!

5. Loft BedInteresting Beds Courtesy of Martin Knowles Photo

If you aren’t scared of heights, then try this crazy loft bed. Just don’t wake up on the wrong side.

6. Bead BedInteresting Beds Courtesy of Annette English

Create a comfortable nest for yourself; choose this bead bed for your bedroom. These beads have beenĀ attached on every corner of the bed to give it a floating effect.

7. Cove BedInteresting Beds Courtesy of Lori Dennis, Photography by Stephen Busken

Design a build-in bed for your bedroom; it has a rich luxurious feel about it. This stunning bed is covered with velvet from inside.

8. Luxury BedĀ Interesting Beds Courtesy of Ergo Beds

Get this luxury bed; it is extremely innovative and comfortable. The bed is available in a variety of styles and fabric.

9. Round BedInteresting Beds Courtesy of Cranium Furniture

Take a look at this rotating round bed. The light around this circular bed is adding up to the awesome look of this bedroom.

10. Tree BedInteresting Beds

Courtesy of Kristine

This is a four-poster bed, only that the posters look like tree. It creates a fairy tale kind of atmosphere in the room.

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