Interesting Kitchens

Use These Strange Ideas to Design Interesting Kitchens

Interesting kitchens can make cooking a delightful experience for ever woman. Add a unique feature to your kitchen to make it stand out.

Here are some interesting kitchens, take a look:

1. Add an Interesting PaintingInteresting KitchensCourtesy of Christine Nelson Design, Photography by Ehlen Creative Communications

You can add a colourful, quirky painting to your kitchen and make it lively.

Interesting KitchensCourtesy of Christine Nelson Design, Photography by Ehlen Creative Communications

Go ahead and showcase your collection of knives by add magnetic strips on either side of the chimney. The flooring is quite unusual but interesting.

2. Go MetallicInteresting KitchensCourtesy of Country Club Homes

Create a metallic kitchen, build metal cabinets, ceiling and walls. Design a checkered floor and add a bit of red here and there. For a complete bizarre look, go for metallic gadgets and furniture.

3. Build a Circular KitchenInteresting KitchensCourtesy of Roundhouse

How about a circular kitchen? Design interesting kitchens by going circular, instead of square or rectangular.

Interesting KitchensCourtesy of Roundhouse

Use the curved area beside the staircase to set-up this round kitchen.

4. Mirrored Ceiling KitchenInteresting KitchensCourtesy of WHAT_architecture

A narrow gallery kitchen with freaky tiles and mirrored ceiling can make heads turn in astonishment.

5. Vaulted CeilingInteresting KitchensCourtesy of Staprans Design

Create this rustic kitchen by going for a vaulted kitchen ceiling. Go for wooden flooring and cabinetry.

6. Car Kitchen IslandInteresting KitchensCourtesy of Lucid Interior Design, Photography by Geoff Lackner

Kitchen island fitted with a car! It’s a very unusual way to decorate one’s kitchen.

7. Stone Walls and FloorInteresting KitchensCourtesy of Drury Design

Give a stony look to your kitchen, use stones on walls and floor. Love the offbeat milk bottle lamps.

8. Skylight KitchenInteresting KitchensCourtesy of CATO creative Ltd

Here is a kitchen with lots of light in it. Add skylight to your kitchen and make it interesting and cool.

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