6 Irregular Bedroom Designs

Simple Ways to Enhance Your Irregular Bedroom Designs

Are you looking for some irregular bedroom designs? If yes, then you’re in the right place. Ideally rooms are either square or rectangle in shape but sometimes we come across some irregular bedroom designs. These bedrooms need some thoughtful decoration to create a sense balance in them. You can use these bedroom designs in many ways and create a unique room for yourself.

Irregular Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Rightmoves

Sometimes, you may come across a room having sloped walls or a pillar standing out of nowhere or projections on walls. In these cases there is nothing better than to find a bedroom design that can integrate the irregularities, and thus be able to conceal them. Or, you can choose some of our irregular bedroom designs to make them stand out.

Here are some simple yet creative irregular bedroom designs that can help you hide or highlight the irregularities of your room in some of the best possible ways.

1. Colour for Irregular Bedroom DesignsIrregular Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Ryburne & Co

Choosing the right colour scheme for irregular bedroom designs is very important. Paint these awkward shaped rooms in one uniform colour. This soothes out and disguises all the uneven angles and odd corners of the room.

Avoid matt finish paints instead go for a semi-gloss finish. Using a semi-gloss paint will let light spread throughout the space. If you have sloping walls, keep them painted crisp white so that they open up the room. Never use dark paint colour, use light neutral shades.

2. Highlighting Irregular Bedroom DesignsIrregular Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Home Decorations

Use odd walls as the key feature of your bedroom. Make your irregular bedroom designs interesting by painting them in a different colour. Trying to camouflage them will make the room more noticeably unusual, so turn them into your asset.

You can even go ahead and paint patterns and stripes on those odd walls and create a style statement. A few tips and tricks will help you create a perfect design. You can create stripes, zigzag, blocks, circles, diamonds or any other pattern you wish to have on it. Using a wall paper with abstract print is also an excellent idea.

3. Storage for Irregular Bedroom DesignsIrregular Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Onekindesign

You can add custom-made storage to make the most out of those odd angles, corners, nooks and crannies. Create a sense of balance in the irregular bedroom designs by going for free-standing shelves. These shelves are not permanently attached to the wall, so you can move around if the space allows.

Fitted cupboards make the most of all available space. Custom made cabinets are best for irregular bedroom designs. Painted the cabinets to match walls and make them blend seamlessly into the room.

4. Furniture for Irregular Bedroom DesignsIrregular Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Onekindesign

Irregular bedroom designs can be disguised by placing round tables and plants. Adding curved elements will take the focus off its sharp angles.

These awkward angles and corners can as well be transformed into an interesting space of your own. Place sofas or reading chairs to make it seem like the corner has a purpose. Look out for non-standard sizes of furniture to fit into those awkward corners and small spaces.

5. Accessorizing Irregular Bedroom DesignsIrregular Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Onekindesign

You can conceal irregular bedroom designs with repeated elements. You can do this by keeping window coverings, doors and moulds consistent within the room. Go for same kind of decoration everywhere to make the bedroom design look more regular.

Placed a rug in the middle of an irregular bedroom will draw attention to the centre of the space, instead of highlighting the room’s edges. To minimise the effect of irregular bedroom designs like a sloping wall or a ceiling, place shelves, chair rails, picture rails or curtain rails parallel to the wall or floor line they are closest to, and not at a true horizontal.

6. Create Focal Point for Irregular Bedroom DesignsIrregular Bedroom Focal Point DesiCourtesy of Houzz

One of the most effective irregular bedroom designs solution is to create a focal points. You can use a fireplace, furniture, pictures, paintings, art piece, shelves, lighting and much more to create a focal point. They can help you draw the attention to where you want and not to any wonky area.

Hope this article helps all those people who are struggling with irregular bedroom designs. Do try some of our tips and ideas and decorate your awkward shaped rooms with wonky ceilings and walls.

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