Kids Bathroom Design Ideas

Simple Ways to Create a Whimsical Kids Bathroom

Most kids bathroom are bright, colourful and full of fun. Children love vibrant walls, dramatic lights and cute bathroom accessories. But, each kid is different and so is their taste. The theme and design of a kids bathroom should reflect their individuality.

Apart from the theme, parents should emphasize on making the bathroom safe for their kids. Here are a few safety tips for kids bathroom:

  • Make sure that the bathroom floor, rugs and mats are non slippery.
  • To prevent accidental burns or scalding, set your hot-water thermostat.
  • See to it that the switches and plug points are beyond their reach.
  • Never keep sharp items like scissors, razors, nail clippers, filers in kids bathroom.
  • Place toothbrush, toothpaste, soaps, shampoos out of your kids reach.
  • Use safe and hygienic bath toys, rinse and dry them after every bath.
  • If your kids are small, never leave them alone in the tub or bathroom itself.

Now that you have gone through the safety tips have a look at these amazing kids bathroom and get one designed for your kid.

1. Colourful Tiles BathroomKids Bathroom Courtesy of Goyo Photography

Kids would love to have a bathroom like this, its colourful and stylish. The bathroom has a pretty glass sink and a separate enclosure for bathing.

2. Playful Accent Wall Kids Bathroom Courtesy of Mabbott Seidel Architecture

Here is a bathroom with an adorable tile accent wall by the tub. The decor is simple but makes a bold statement.

3. Bright and Bubbly Kids Bathroom Courtesy of Allen-Guerra Architecture

This bathroom is sure to make your kids morning cheerful and sunny. Use the tiles to highlight the shower and the vanity area.

4. Purple Palette Kids Bathroom Courtesy of Great Kitchens & Baths

Get inspired by this tastefully done girl’s bathroom. Add flower decals, art pieces and some purple flowers to create this awesome bathroom for your daughter.

5. Beach ThemeKids Bathroom Courtesy of Patricia Alvarez

Go for this beach themed bathroom in red and blue. Paint or stick pictures of ship, lighthouse and beach on the cabinets.

6. Monkey TricksKids Bathroom Courtesy of LM Designs

Design a fun-filled bathroom for your kid. The monkey shower curtain and the matching vanity rug are extremely cute.

7. Something Fishy Kids Bathroom Courtesy of House of Ruby Interior Design

Get the feel of being underwater, use this fish wallpaper on all four walls and paint the ceiling blue. Add a beautiful shell mirror to make it more realistic.

8. Blue-Green BathroomKids Bathroom Courtesy of Jeannette Architects

This is how you can use a long narrow area; create a tropical-styled bathroom for your kids. Put up a long rectangular mirror and sink to match its proportion.

9. Colour PopKids Bathroom Courtesy of Tara Seawright

You can just add a vibrant shower curtain and a few toys to turn a normal bathroom into a kids bathroom. Kids will enjoy taking bath by this large window.

10. Girlie Pink Kids Bathroom Courtesy of Glynis Wood Interiors

Here is a bold pink bathroom for your daughter, add a white vanity, cabinet and a mirror to it. Decorate it with art pieces and colourful towels.

11. Submarine BathroomKids Bathroom Courtesy of Anthony Lindsey Photography

What do you think of this crazy submarine kids bathroom? Isn’t it awesome? I’m sure kids will love it. Go for this mosaic bathroom with a yellow tub and a periscope.

12. Contemporary LookKids Bathroom Courtesy of Miller Interior Design

Choose this bathroom with a cool blue sink and a colour block ceiling. Add some funky pendant lights to create this bathroom.

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