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15 Best Kids Bedroom Ideas

Kids bedroom are a challenge to design as you have to keep it cool, functional and safe. Children need space to sleep, read, play and have fun. So, keep these important factors in mind while planning a kids bedroom.

Different kids have different taste, need and preferences. Therefore, one needs to put in a lot of thought when creating a kids bedroom.

Parents design and decorate their kids bedroom with lots of love and want the best for their kid. Here are some fabulous ideas that would help you design or remodel your kids bedroom:

1. High-rise Condo Kids BedroomKids BedroomCourtesy of Pearl Design, Photography by OJ Fotos

An interesting kids bedroom with a step bunk bed! The bed makes the bedroom look trendy and smart. It has lots of drawers for storage and bed lights for reading. Add bright cushions to make it bright and vibrant.

2. White Storage BGed Kids BedroomKids BedroomCourtesy of Ben Dial/ Stedman House Richmond

This is a cosy place for kids to catch up with their sleep. Love the porthole! The designer has provided lots of drawers and shelves for storage. Keep the walls pink and add a blue rug.

3. Sailboat Themed Kids BedroomKids BedroomCourtesy of The Baby Cot Shop

Introduce fun element into your kids bedroom. Go for a beach-style decor with a sailboat bed. There is a play area with steering wheel under the bed. Paint the walls in blue stripes and add similar curtains to complete the look.

4. Cityscape Cabinet Kids BedroomKids BedroomCourtesy of Faulding Architecture

Add cityscape cabinets and create an inviting space for studies. Go for this stunning color combination. Keep the table top, chair and the bed spread in the same color to keep up the balance in the room.

5. Stylish Cabin Kids BedroomKids BedroomCourtesy of Giana Allen Design

What do you think about these sleeping nooks? Aren’t they cool? It’s perfect for a room with slanting roof. Add lights for reading and TV for entertainment in every bed nook.

6. Kids Bedroom with Play AreaKids BedroomCourtesy of Eisner Design

You can go for this elegant platform bed for your kid. Build open shelves to store toys. The bed comes with a railing that doesn’t allow the kids to fall and have a good night’s sleep.

7. Soccer Kids BedroomKids BedroomCourtesy of Sasha Hollingworth

Is your son obsessed with soccer? Design a room with this theme. Add soccer bed, bed-spread, locker night-stands, and some soccer balls to the room. Decorate the wall with soccer ball decals and canvas paintings to complete the theme.

8. Dreamy Pink Kids Bedroom Kids BedroomCourtesy of Aurelio Vazquez

Here is a dreamy bedroom for your daughter. Design a funky ceiling and an asymmetrical niche for the dolls. This is a huge bedroom with lots of free space for your child to play around.

9. Bunk Bed Kids BedroomKids BedroomCourtesy of Laura U, Photography by Julie Soefer

This is a stylish blue bedroom for boys. It has a handsome bunk bed, a cool bookshelf and a trendy rug. The bunk bed is supported by floor-to-ceiling legs on three sides. The top bunk’s outside corner is braced by a rope-covered steel cable attached to a bolt and trusses above the ceiling.

10. Twin Kids BedroomKids BedroomCourtesy of Martens JSC

If you don’t like bunk beds for your kids bedroom, but still want something to save up on floor space, then this is it. Go for raised bed with storage. Place the beds on one side and study table on the other.

11. Traditional Kids BedroomKids BedroomCourtesy of Insidesign

Here is a traditional bedroom with antique looking furniture. The beige bed has a pretty head and foot board with intricate work on them. The dresser and the lamp add to the vintage look.

12. Bright Kids BedroomKids BedroomCourtesy of Kristin Drohan Collection, Photography by Michael J Lee

A refreshing cute bedroom with bubbly colors! The room is beautifully done; I love the bright polka dots curtain, floral bed spread, ottomans, dollhouse, flip-flop wall art and everything else in this room.

13. Rustic Kids Bedroom  Kids BedroomCourtesy of Peace Design, Photography by Ralph Kylloe

Design a rustic bunk bed using a stash of logs. It’s quite creative. The bed is the main attraction of this kids bedroom.

14. Chic Kids BedroomKids BedroomCourtesy of Martin Perri Interiors

Create a stadium bedroom for your kid with cheering crowds. Add a football field rug, glove chair and a slide to keep it sporty. The glove hole in the bed is the entry to the lower bunk and the upper bunk is decorated with baseball bats.

15. Cinderella Kids BedroomKids BedroomCourtesy of Hansen Architects, Photography by Richard Leo Johnson

Awesome room! Make your daughter feel like a princess with this gold carriage bed. Girls love fairy tales, so why not bring the world of fairies into her room? The ceiling, wall and the floor treatment helps in creating this out-of-the-world look.

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