Kids Bedroom Furniture

Hunting for Your Kids Bedroom Furniture – Get Some Tips and Ideas

While buying kids bedroom furniture we need to look foe style and comfort. Children love furniture that reflects their interest and personality.

Kids bedroom furniture consists of bed, study table, chair or couch and lots of storage space for their books, toys and clothes. Before buying make sure the furniture are safe and sturdy.

You should place kids bedroom furniture with care and thought. See to it that the room has enough light and is properly ventilated. Design your kid’s bedroom by adding a bit of colour and lots of love. Take help from some of our excellent kids bedroom furniture ideas:

1. Swing BedKids Bedroom FurnitureCourtesy of Tamara Rosenbloom Design, Photography by Mike Martin

Design this pretty room for your darling daughter. The main feature of this room is the swing bed. Support the bed using chains attached to the ceiling. The bed has also been chained to the floor in the centre to prevent it from swinging and hitting the wall and other furniture.

2. Wrestling BedKids Bedroom FurnitureCourtesy of Mayssa Al Ghawas

Go for this wrestling bed for your son’s bedroom. This bed is extremely cool and has lots of storage space in it.

3. Window SeatingKids Bedroom FurnitureCourtesy of Structure Home

Kids need to have lots of comfortable space. A bunk bed is apt for two children; it saves space and brings fun element into their life. Add a cosy window seat and flank it with book shelves and study table.

4. Loft Bed with StorageKids Bedroom FurnitureCourtesy of Kathryn Long, Photography by David Dietrich

Here is a loft bed with build-in book shelf, cabinet and lots of drawers. Add a book shelf by the window seat where your kids can sit and read.

5. Chest of DrawersKids Bedroom FurnitureCourtesy of Historical Concepts, Photography by Jean Allsopp

Add a chest of drawers to your kid’s room. They can store many small things in there. The hanging rope beds are beautiful too.

6. Work StationKids Bedroom FurnitureCourtesy of Benjamin Marcus Architect

You can even have a complete work station for your kid’s bedroom. It has a bed on top with storage and study area beneath it.

7. Stylish Furniture Kids Bedroom FurnitureCourtesy of Susan Brook Interiors

Stylish furniture will add lots of elegance to your kid’s room. Choose a rocking bed, chair, glass table, rug, and a chic wall art.

8. Pop of Colour Kids Bedroom FurnitureCourtesy of McQuin Partnership Interior Design, Photography by Mark York

Add lots of open shelves for books and a seating by the window. Use colour by going for a carpet, throw and a chandelier.

9. Small Kids Room FurnishingKids Bedroom FurnitureCourtesy of Sarah Gunn

If the room is small, you can opt for a sleek bed and study table. Paint the room white to make it look big.

10. Day BedKids Bedroom FurnitureCourtesy of Parkyn Design, Photography by John Trigiani

This is a well designed room with a day bed. Kids can sit, read and play during the day and sleep on it during the night.

11. Step Storage Kids Bedroom FurnitureCourtesy of Lily Z Design, Photography by Danielle Stingu

Step storage can provide space to keep personal items and belongings. Kids bedroom furniture needs to be innovative as well as functional. This bed is cute and classy.

12. Bed FrameKids Bedroom FurnitureCourtesy of Sharp Design

Go for this fabulous bed with cupboards for your kid’s bedroom. Add comfortable bedding and a colourful bed sheet to it.

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