20 Kids Room Ceiling Ideas

Modern Kids Room Ceiling Designs

We all love to decorate our kid’s room, but we often forget the ceiling. Create a perfect dreamland for your kid. Provide them with the flight to fancy through these inspiring kids room ceiling ideas.

There are many types of ceilings that you can opt from. You can add wallpaper, murals, lighting or even fabric to your kids room ceiling. Take a look at these kids bedroom ceiling ideas and take your pick.

1. Kids Room Ceiling Fan IdeasKids Room Ceiling Fan IdeasCourtesy of Design Elite

This is an interesting kids room ceiling with clouds and a fan that resembles a fighter plane.

2. Kids Room Ceiling DesignKids Room Ceiling DesignCourtesy of Milan Vasic

A pink flower ceiling will look great in your daughter’s room. Go ahead and fix some lights on it.

3. Starry Kids Room CeilingKids Room CeilingCourtesy of Rittenhouse Builders

Paint the ceiling in navy blue to create the night sky and add stars to it. You can either paint the stars or use stickers.

4. Butterfly Kids Room Ceiling DesignKids Room CeilingCourtesy of Jaffa Group Design Build

This room will help you step into the dreamland. A land full of beautiful butterflies, it can be the most amazing experience for your kid.

5. Aeroplane Ceiling Design for Kids BedroomCeiling Design for Kids BedroomCourtesy of Staprans Design, Photography by R. Brad Knipstein

Hire an artist to paint the theme of your kid’s room on the ceiling. Design a kid’s room full of fun and adventure.

6. Kids Room Ceiling with Cool Cloud Kids Room CeilingCourtesy of Visbeen Architects

The artist has painted this irregular bedroom’s ceiling with clouds and planes. The fan and the bedding are a perfect match too.

7.  Kids Room Ceiling with KittyKids Room CeilingCourtesy of Haus.O

The theme and the lighting of this room are fantastic. It’s a dream room for girls.

8. Traditional Kids Room CeilingKids Room CeilingCourtesy of RA Design Group

Take a look at this awesome kids bedroom with hand painted mural wall and tented ceiling.

9. Wallpaper for Kids Room CeilingKids Room CeilingCourtesy of Deepdale House

Use a garden wallpaper to decorate your kids room ceiling. You can choose from a range of wallpaper available in the market.

10. Kids Room Ceiling Ideas for BoysKids Room CeilingCourtesy of Smith Firestone Associates, Photography by Cristopher Nolasco

Here is a room that has planes hanging from the ceiling. Add a wall mural to complete this stunning look.

11. Kids Room Ceiling Decor IdeasKids Room CeilingCourtesy of Hobus Homes

This kid’s bedroom is inspired by the solar system. Paint the ceiling and hang planets, moon, comets and stars from it.

12. Fairytale Ceiling for Kids RoomKids Room CeilingCourtesy of RLH Studios, Photography by Susan Gilmore

Here is a little girl’s room with wall and ceiling mural. Use LED lights to create those stars in there.

13. Simple Kids Room Ceiling DesignKids Room CeilingCourtesy of Lily Z Design, Photography by Danielle Stingu

How about a room with golden stars on its ceiling? I think it would look nice.

14. Beautiful Ceiling for Kids RoomKids Room CeilingCourtesy of Grainda Builders

Go for a garden theme for your kid’s room. Paint the tray ceiling with plants and trees.

15. Striped Kids Room CeilingKids Room CeilingCourtesy of Tamara Rosenbloom Design, Photography by Mike Martin

If you don’t want anything complex for the ceiling, then go for bold colored strips.

16. Underwater Themed Kids Room CeilingKids Room CeilingCourtesy of My Home Ideas

Turn the ceiling of your kid’s room into an ocean. Stick tubes on it to complete the effect.

17. Unique Kids Room Ceiling IdeaKids Room CeilingCourtesy of Imagesman

You can decorate your kid’s bedroom ceiling in this similar fashion. I love this room and so will the kids.

18. Boys Bedroom Ceiling IdeasKids Room CeilingCourtesy of Pouted

Make a speedometer on your kids room ceiling. This is a nice ceiling idea for teen boy’s room.

19. Creative Girls Room CeilingKids Room CeilingCourtesy of Architecture Art Design

A pretty creative flower design that moves up from the wall to the ceiling!

20. Lighting for Kids Room CeilingKids Room CeilingCourtesy of Pouted

Use a unique light fixture to create an interesting ceiling for your kid’s room.

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