Use These Cool Kids Room Decor Ideas

Kids Room Decor

Kids love playful themes and lively decor. A kids room decor should be bright and chilled out. Here is some interesting kids room decor for you to try.

1. Bright Kids Room DecorKids Room DecorCourtesy of Dalius & Greta Design

Children like bright, bubbly colors. Use vibrant wallpaper to decorate the walls of your kid’s room. Add an interesting area rug, matching sofa and lots of storage space. I love the flower shaped chairs and the door design.

2. Funky Kids Room Decor Kids Room DecorCourtesy of Amory Brown

Here is a cool room for your teenager. Go for grown-up patterns. The room beautifully combines and balances the mix of patterns and plains. In a red-white wallpaper room, create harmony with a white bed, study table and chair.

3. Interesting Kids Room Decor Kids Room DecorCourtesy of Morgan Spenla

Redecorate your kid’s room by adding a floating tree branch bookshelf. You can either paint a tree or buy a similar wall decal. Fit shelves on the branches of this cute tree design so it doubles as storage too.

4. Creative Kids Room DecorKids Room DecorCourtesy of Murphy Brothers Contracting, Photography by Peter Krupenye

How about creating an indoor tree house for your kid? Take a look at this dreamy play area with a tree house. Paint a tree wall mural, add ladder and fence to get this outdoor look. Paint the ceiling in blue color to make it appear like the sky.

5. Chalkboard Kids Room DecorKids Room DecorCourtesy of Raad Studio, Photography by Daniel Shea

A loft with a ladder and a slide! Design a bunk with a build-in desk in the lower and a chalkboard on the upper deck. I’m sure every kid will love to have this kind of set up in their room.

6. Personalized Kids Room DecorKids Room DecorCourtesy of Murals and more by Patrice

Here is another way of using a tree design while decorating your kid’s room. Paint a tree mural, or paste a decal on the wall. Use ribbons to hang alphabets that appear in your child’s name on to the tree.

7. Kids Room Decor with Disney ThemeKids Room DecorCourtesy of FrazierFoto

A great way to decorate your kid’s room! Choose their favourite Disney characters and paint them on to the wall. Or, opt for wall decals. Keep it cool and simple. Don’t make it too childish or your kid will overgrow it pretty soon.

8. Kids Room Decor Using Lights  Kids Room DecorCourtesy of Sak Designs, Photography by Sebastian Zacharia

This is a cute study space for kids. Integrate this build-in desk into their room and decorate the area with lots of hanging lights. Go for a floating bookshelf. Add a tree decal and paint birds to get this look.

9. Personalized Kids Room DecorKids Room DecorCourtesy of Soorikian Architecture

Decorate the wall with your kids painting. Create an awesome reading nook for them. Turn a day bed into a sitting area. Kids’ artwork is often so exuberant, and colorful, that it is an instant hit in any room.

10. Whimsical Kids Room DecorKids Room DecorCourtesy of Poss Architecture + Planning + Interior Design, Photography by Pat Sudmeier

Choose this fun-filled kids room decor with lots of storage. This is a twin sharing bedroom has storage nightstand and storage bench. Also check out the lovely tree bookshelf – it can help kids organize their books

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