Kids Room Decoration Ideas

Use These Smart Kids Room Decoration Ideas and Make It an Adorable Place

Before doing up your kid’s room, take a look at these interesting kids room decoration ideas. Kids love bright colourful rooms, but their preferences tend to change, so be ready for a change now and then.

Kids Room Decoration Ideas Courtesy of Kerri Robusto Interiors

It’s important for a kid to have his/her personal space. A place that they can call their own and feel free to do whatever they wish. Kid’s room decor should reflect their personal style and interest.

Kids Room Decoration Ideas Courtesy of Weaver Architects

Decorating kid’s room is a bit tricky as parents tend to go overboard with it. Our kids room decoration ideas will help you add fun elements to the room without compromising on its comfort. Nevertheless, do consult your child (if he/she is old enough) before deciding on the final look.

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1. Use a Bunk BedKids Room Decoration Ideas-Bunk BedCourtesy of De Jesus Architecture & Design

A beautiful bunk bed with staggered stair for access to the loft bunks. These steps also serve as shelves to store toys and books.

2. Paint the Wall Kids Room Decoration Ideas-Wall PaintingCourtesy of Douglas Design Studio

Go for a custom paint rather than a decal. Window seat gives the child a place to sit and read, and store books too.

3. Add a PhotoKids Room Decoration Ideas-Enlarged Photo of Your KidCourtesy of Real Simple

Create a beautiful piece of art, enlarge a favourite photo of your kid (make sure it’s to a standard frame height), then cut into even sections and frame.

4. Creative Ceiling  Kids Room Decoration Ideas-Creative Ceiling with Fibre Optics LightCourtesy of RLH Studio

This is a beautiful bedroom for girls with hand painted mural. Starry ceiling is the highlight of this room. You can use fibre optic lights to create this effect.

5. Work StationKids Room Decoration Ideas-Work StationCourtesy of GA+Partners

Vertical space is very important; this room makes proper use of that. Room with a work station and build-in book shelves, is just perfect for your growing kid. Functionality is the beauty of this room.

6. Super HeroesKids Room Decoration Ideas-Use PostersCourtesy of ARCHIFORMS Studio

Here is a compact kid’s room in lime green. Use super hero posters to decorate the room. I’m they will love this idea.

7. Paint the ThemeKids Room Decoration Ideas-Paint a ThemeCourtesy of Interior Design Ideas

Go ahead and create a theme room. Paint it according to a theme and match the furniture to it.

8. Dash of GlamourKids Room Decoration Ideas-A Glamorous Look

Courtesy of Interior Design Ideas

Give the room a glamorous look; go for a modern kid’s room with a stunning light piece. Add a book shelf at the back of this elegant bed.

9. Create CubbiesKids Room Decoration Ideas-Create CubbiesCourtesy of Deborah Wecselman Design

Kid’s love to display their collection be it toys, books or anything else. You can even put up lot of cubbies where they can store and display their collection.

10. Art WorkKids Room Decoration Ideas-Art WorkCourtesy of Annalea Hart

This is the easiest way to decorate your kid’s room, hang a funky art work. You can also use your child’s art work or photographs in the same way.

11. Use WallpaperKids Room Decoration Ideas-Beautiful WallpaperCourtesy of ARCHIFORMS Studio

Add aesthetic appeal to children room by using wallpaper. There are many types of wallpaper available in the market.

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