15 Kids Room for Two Kids

Kids Room Design Ideas

A kids room is a lot more than a place to sleep for children. For them it is a spot to do school work, to play games, to read, to day dream and to give wings to their imagination.

Here are some interesting ideas for kids room for two kids, do have a look:

1. Contemporary Kids Room DesignKids Room Courtesy of Florida Furniture Package, Photography by Harry Lim

The beige walls create a relaxed atmosphere in this kids bedroom. The yellow and grey zigzag pattern on the bed covers adds color and charm to the otherwise serene ambience of the room.

2. Vibrant Bedroom for KidsKids RoomCourtesy of Key Residencial, Photography by LIAR

Ensemble of rich and vibrant hues enlivens the mood of this room. Interestingly, the white curtain and side table tones it down adding more to the coziness. The drawers of the side table offer good storage capacity.

3. Teen Girls Bedroom DesignKids RoomCourtesy of Perceptions Interiors

The pop art canvas portrait on the wall looks pretty interesting. The spiral pop area rug and the wall color complement each other thus uplifting the mood of the room. The blue storage box is an interesting addition which can also be used for seating purpose.

4. Kids Room with Loft BedKids RoomCourtesy of Compass Homes

The novel concept of cityscape adds to the stylish decor of this kids bedroom design. The not so lofty wooden bunk bed and the stairs add up to the elegance of this room. The multipurpose wooden chest board and the stairs offer ample storage capacity.

5. Kids Room with Theme DecorKids RoomCourtesy of La Vie en Blanc

This kids room has a wonderful theme decor that is eye-catching and interesting. The concept of boat beds defines the theme precisely. I’m sure this bedroom is certainly going to be very popular with the kids. The framed ensign flags add color to that white wall. The light house book shelves add more to this innovative theme.

6. Traditional Kids Room DesignKids RoomCourtesy of Design Elite

The combination of colours like blue, green and cream gives a cosy touch to this kids room. It is as if nature has taken little time out from its busy schedule to take a peek in here. The motif of cloud and the butterfly on the pillow cover complements this wonderful concept in this kids bedroom design.

7. Classic Bedroom Design for ChildrenKids RoomCourtesy of Sims Hilditch, Photography by Polly Eltes

This kids room design has a gorgeous lay out. The impressive and awe-inspiring floral pattern on the head board and the foot board is very interesting. The Venetian blinds are adding up to the soft ambience. I am sure your little angels are going to fall in love with this lovely little nest.

8. Beautiful Kids Room DecorKids RoomCourtesy of J & J Design Group, Photography by John Woodcock

Here is a kids bedroom that is definitely a feast to the eyes owing the vast array of colours complementing the white walls in the room. The butterfly wallpaper and the red vintage beds are making it all the more stylish.

9. Kids Room for TwoKids RoomCourtesy of Carlyn and Compass Interiors + Design, Photography by Holly Polgreen

This children bedroom design is a little niche carved for our handsome prince. The blue and white ensemble of colours makes this room quite interesting. Place a dresser with multicoloured drawers in between the beds. Add a couple of lamps and an oval mirror to make it more appealing.

10. Rustic Kids Room IdeasKids RoomCourtesy of Jean Macrea Interiors

Here is an interesting concept of a rustic kids room. The wooden furniture along with the wooden wall panels are all set to take our kids on a tour to Pinocchio’s land. The window covering and the blanket on the bed makes it all the more interesting. On the whole, it’s a very inviting and well thought of idea.

11. Kids Room Designs IndiaKids RoomCourtesy of Savio & Rupa Interior Concepts

‘A trip to England’ definitely should be the theme of this kids room. The wall graphics depicting the major attractions of England are quite suggestive of the theme. The vibrant colours and the interesting accessories makes it very child friendly and appealing. A great room for teenage boys!

12. Girls Bedroom DesignKids RoomCourtesy of Millennium Cabinetry

This girls bedroom furbished in white furniture and white linen and curtains gives the room a tone of simplicity and purity. The splash of pink and purple charges the ambience with positivity. The bunk bed makes the bedroom to be cool and attractive.

13. Typical Boys Room Kids RoomCourtesy of Country Club Homes

This kids room seems to belong to a basketball lover. A fabulous sporty look has been given to this simple and clean room to meet the taste of the inmate. I love the wallpaper and the bed. The bedroom has lots of open shelves for storing books and other items.

14. Sporty Bedroom for ChildrenKids RoomCourtesy of AJS Designs

This is a very well thought and planned kids bedroom keeping the interest of the inmates in mind. The basket ball hoop and the niche under the door for hockey have been incorporated very intelligently. The bed units seem to have ample storage capacity. Even the colour scheme is so much so like a boys room.

15. Chic Industrial Kids RoomKids RoomCourtesy of Tamara Mack Design

This kids room has been done with style and elegance. The interesting feature is the intelligent ensemble of brown, black and white. The decor and the upholstery give a very urban look to the room.

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