Small Kids Room Design

Create Storage with Clever Kids Room Design

Kids room design should be safe, creative and functional. Kids need to have proper place to play, read and sleep. They need lots of storage space for their clothes, books and toys. Therefore, before modelling or remodelling your home, make sure that your kids room design is well taken care of. Though it’s hard to fit in things into a small room intelligent designing can help you break the barrier.

Here are some small but beautifully done kids room designs, go through them for ideas and inspiration:

1. Kids Room Design with Built-in-desk Kids Room Design Courtesy of DKOR Interiors, Photography by Alexia Fodere

This is a pretty colourful room with lots of storage and built-in-desk for the kids. The tree bookshelf is amazing.

2. Bunk Bed Kids Room DesignKids Room Design Courtesy of Scrafano Architects, Photography by Catherine Tighe

Bunk beds can help you save on floor space. Go for under-bed storage with pull-out drawers. Add a sliding pole to make the room interesting and playful.

3. Rainbow ShutterKids Room Design Courtesy of All Shutters and Blinds

Add colour to your kids room design by painting the shutters in petty rainbow colours. Keep the rest of the room white to make it look big and open.

4. Lego Kids Room DesignKids Room Design Courtesy of Neslihan Pekcan/Pebbledesign

This is without doubt a very innovative design. Create maximum storage space under the loft bed. Add a bench and a chalk board for excitement.

5. Twin Sharing Kids Room DesignKids Room Design Courtesy of Susan Strauss Design, Photography by Sarifka

This is a room for two kids. Make it cool by adding a few zig zag bookshelves and a rug. Do the room in grey and use yellow to pop in some colour. The bed frames does not block the view, thus making the space larger.

6. Loft Bed Kids Room Design

Kids Room Design Courtesy of Creative Woodwork

This is an excellent use of space. Go minimalistic; add a floating desk and a simple chair for study. Put up a floating loft bed and use the space underneath it for closet. Add frames around the bed for safety.

7. Slim Line Kids Room DesignKids Room Design Courtesy of Neslihan Pekcan/Pebbledesign

Use this interesting idea to beautify your kids room design. Hang photos and pictures using slim line cable.

8. Striped Wall Kids Room DesignKids Room Design Courtesy of Eduarda Correa Arquitetura & Interiores

Design this illuminated bed for your kid. Use vertical space to create storage in this tiny room. The horizontal stripes make this room look deeper and bigger.

9. Small Kids Room DesignKids Room Design Courtesy of Aria Design

Here is a bed cum storage unit for your kids room. It has a bookshelf on one side and lots of drawers underneath it. The bed extends further to form some open shelves and a cupboard.

10. Woody Kids Room Design Kids Room Design Courtesy of Putra Indrawan Photography

Get this fabulous bed; the headboard has storage in it. This small kid’s room has a floor to ceiling closet, loft storage and mobile drawers.

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