15 Kids Room Ideas for Wall Decor

Kids Room Ideas and Wall Decoration Tips

There are many of us who wonder how to do up the kid’s room? What kind of wall decor would look nice? And, what colors would be suitable for them? If you are trying to find an answer to these, then check out some of our amazing kids room ideas.

You can decorate your kid’s bedroom with colorful wallpaper, murals or decals. But, before deciding on one, talk to your kids. Find out what they want? What color do they like? And, how they want their room to look?

Here are some amazing kids room ideas, pick one to decorate your kids room.

1. Disney Themed Kids Room IdeasWall Mural Kids Room IdeasCourtesy of Frazier Foto

Decorate your kid’s room by adding a Disney themed wall mural. Pick up any movie and paint the walls accordingly. This room has a “Lion King” themed mural painted on its walls.

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2. Kids Room Ideas GirlKids Room Ideas GirlCourtesy of Wall Art by Allyson

Go for these pretty kids room ideas for girl. Paint oversized pink floating flowers on the walls. I’m sure your angel would love them.

3. Mural Wall Kids Room Ideas Wall Mural Kids Room Ideas GirlCourtesy of Mac Murry Designs

Paint a Cinderella castle and make your daughter feel like a princess. Include a gate and pathway leading to the fairy tale castle.

4. Graffiti Kids Room IdeasGraffiti Kids Room IdeasCourtesy of Raspberry Interiors

Do something different, create a graffiti wall. This kind of wall would look great in a teenager’s bedroom.

5. Butterfly Kids Room IdeasWallpaper Kids Room IdeasCourtesy of Shelley Gardea

Add variety and fun element to the room. Go for butterfly wallpaper and create a lovely kid’s bedroom.

6. Wall Decal Kids Room IdeasWall Decal Kids Room IdeasCourtesy of Shelley Gardea

Here are some brilliant kids room ideas. Design an accent wall with wall decals. Paint the alcove in teal color and add vibrant decals on it.

7. Accent Wall Kids Room IdeasAccent Wall Kids Room IdeasCourtesy of Dalius & Greta Design

Design a cute, sunny bedroom for your kid. Paint a smiling sun in bright yellow color on the wall.

8. Sporty Kids Room IdeasKids Room IdeasCourtesy of Kimberly Fox Designs

This kid’s room wall decor is for sporty boys, ones that love skateboarding. Go for a hand painted wall mural skateboarders.

9. Mermaid Kids Room IdeasKids Room Ideas GirlCourtesy of Color Theory

These are beautiful kids room ideas. Choose a grey-blue color for the wall and paint a mermaid, dolphins and other aquatic creatures on it.

10. Colorful Kids Room IdeasKids Room Ideas

Courtesy of Amy Lau Design

Use different color paint to create this striped kids room. Keep the base white and use yellow, orange and navy blue color to make horizontal stripes.

11. Floral Wallpaper Kids Room IdeasKids Room IdeasCourtesy of Phil Kean Design Group

Vibrant red floral wallpaper can turn a simple bedroom into an amazing one. Girls love these kids room ideas.

12. Kids Room Ideas BoyKids Room Ideas BoyCourtesy of Touch Interiors, Photography by Matt Craig

Use grey-white frame wallpaper on the walls. They look fabulous and can be filled with all memories.

13. Puzzle Wall Kids Room IdeasKids Room Ideas Courtesy of Intraform, Photography by Suzanne Arbab

Turn the wall into a puzzle. It’s one of the most creative kids room ideas for wall decor. The color combo is great.

14. Bright Kids Room IdeasBright Kids Room Ideas Boys Courtesy of JDL Constructions

Use bold bright colors to decorate your boy’s room. Add a green stripe in the middle of the wall.

15. Mickey Mouse Kids Room IdeasKids Room Ideas BoysCourtesy of Ruchi Designs

This bedroom revolves around Mickey Mouse. Go for a wall mural of Mickey Mouse clubhouse.

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