15 Toy Storage Ideas

Organize Your Kids Room Using Our Toy Storage Ideas

Tired of stepping on toys! Well, you’re not alone. With kids around you are sure to find toys everywhere. And, as the years pass their number keep growing and storing them becomes impossible. But, there are some great toy storage ideas to keep them organized.

Kids Toy Storage Ideas Courtesy of Sheila Schmitz

Children create a lot of mess; they leave their toys strewn across the room. It feels like the house is being overrun by toys.

Kids Toy Storage IdeasCourtesy of Sarah Greenman

Fortunately, there are plenty of great toy storage ideas out there for those blocks, puzzles, cars, dolls, stuffed animals, and other gizmos.

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Kids Toy Storage Ideas Courtesy of Organized Living

Take a look at some of these aesthetically pleasing toy storage ideas to keep the mess at bay.

1. Use Cane or Jute BasketsKids Toy Storage IdeasCourtesy of Anthology Interiors

Parenthood can become a piece of cake with the use of these toy storage baskets with chalk board. Label the baskets and make it easier for the kids to find their toy.

Kids Toy Storage IdeasCourtesy of Deer Creek Studio

Keep the toys in neatly stacked cane baskets. They are easy to carry, convenient to handle and easy on your pocket.

2. Stackable Metal BinsKids Toy Storage IdeasCourtesy of The Land of Nod

You can use these stackable metal bins made up of steel to store toys. They are strong, durable and available in beautiful colours.

3. Open ShelvesKids Toy Storage IdeasCourtesy of Toolee Houseware

Choose this open shelf idea to store toys. Use baskets, bins, buckets, boxes to organize them further. Make space for balls and stuffed animals at the bottom of the shelf.

4. Wooden Toy BoxKids Toy Storage Ideas 3Courtesy of Simply B Organized

This stylish toy box can fit into any space without destroying the aesthetic appeal of your house. They are spacious, functional and tough. You would be surprised by the number of toys that can fit in there.

5. Lay-Play-and-Go BagKids Toy Storage IdeasCourtesy of Swoop Bags

It’s a perfect place to store your Lego toys, and other small building blocks and puzzle pieces. You can lay the bag like a mat and let your kid play on it.

Kids Toy Storage Ideas

Courtesy of Aliexpress

Once your kids have finished playing, you can simply pull the string, tie it and keep it away. This bag makes it easy to store and carry small toys without losing them.

6. Wire BinsKids Toy Storage IdeasCourtesy of Babble

Wire wall bins can help you arrange big items like bat, balls and stuffed toys. Children can easily take them out and can themselves clean up the mess by putting them back.

7. Toy Storage BenchKids Toy Storage IdeasCourtesy of Ikea Hacks

This is the most intelligent of all toy storage ideas. It solves dual purpose; there is place for kids to sit as well as to store their toys.

8. Car ParkingKids Toy Storage IdeasCourtesy of The Whoot

My 10-year-old kid has a huge collection of hot wheel and matchbox cars. And, I must admit it’s pretty hard to store them, and even harder to put them on display. The above storage cum display unit is very impressive. It takes up very less space and is great for parking small cars.

9. Toy CratesKids Toy Storage IdeasCourtesy of Designhomes

Organize toys by going for these stackable crates. They are ideal for storing all types of toys. Label these colourful crates can and place them one over the other to save on floor space.

10. Toy LockerKids Toy Storage Ideas Courtesy of Better Homes and Garden

Use storage locker to store toys. Label or number them to help kids find them easily. Colour them to match the decor of your room.

11. Wooden CratesKids Toy Storage IdeasCourtesy of HGTV

This is a great toy storage idea and is totally inexpensive. A fruit crate can help you store toys and books. Add wheels to it for easy movement.

Kids Toy Storage IdeasCourtesy of HGTV

Use soda crates for storing toys. If you wish you can colour them up or write your kids name for a personal touch.

12. Transparent Storage BoxesKids Toy Storage IdeasCourtesy of Pop Sugar

These transparent plastic storage boxes can help you organize small toys and make them easy to find. Label them according to colour and stack them one over the other.

Kids Toy Storage IdeasCourtesy of Pop Sugar

You can buy big see through boxes to store big toys. These boxes offer easy storage and help kids to easily trace their toys.

13. Bed StorageKids Toy Storage IdeasCourtesy of Hayneedle

Keep your room clutter-free with this storage idea. You can store toys, books, clothes, and blocks in the drawers beneath your bed.

Kids Toy Storage IdeasCourtesy of Better Homes and Garden

There is a lot of unused space below your bed. Use them to store toys and keep the room clutter free.

14. CubbiesKids Toy Storage IdeasCourtesy of The handmade home

Cubbies can offer the much-needed toy storage space for your house. They are easily accessible and can store a lot of toys.

Kids Toy Storage IdeasCourtesy of Interior design 4

Use cubbies to store toys, books, stuffed toys and other gizmos.

15. Animal ZooKids Toy Storage IdeasCourtesy of Buzzfeed

This wooden zoo pen is one of the cutest toy storage ideas I’ve come across. This storage looks more like a zoo and is totally adorable.

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