Best Kitchen Colors for Your Home

Kitchen Colors – Paint Ideas for Kitchen

Discover beautiful kitchen colors and kitchen designs for your house. Use these pretty colors to do up your kitchen and make it more vibrant and lively.

1. Red Kitchen ColorsKitchen ColorsCourtesy of Fisher id

This is a bright bubbly kitchen design with a retro touch. The back painted red-glass and orange island countertop lifts this gray kitchen.

2. Avocado Green Kitchen ColorsKitchen ColorsCourtesy of Applegate Tran Interiors

Go for this retro kitchen design in avocado green and brown. The build-in cabinets and the orange backsplash are quite bold and interesting.

3. Contemporary Kitchen ColorsKitchen ColorsCourtesy of Design a Space

Add color to your kitchen with green backsplash, bar stools and pendant lights. Green color brings freshness into this kitchen.

4. Intense Blue Kitchen ColorsKitchen ColorsCourtesy of Increation

This is a simple clean kitchen design in white with intense blue backsplash. Kitchen colors can be used to add personal touch to it.

5. Bright Orange Kitchen ColorsKitchen ColorsCourtesy of Danny Broe Architect, Photography by Karina Illovska

Highlight your kitchen design with this bright neon orange color. Use orange to create shelving in this modern kitchen where you can display your knick-knacks.

6. Kitchen Colors with Dark CabinetsKitchen ColorsCourtesy of Increation

Here is a beautiful kitchen with dark cabinets on top and purple backsplash. Add lots of light fixtures to illuminate it properly.

7. Green Kitchen ColorsKitchen ColorsCourtesy of Papstahl GBR, Photography by Georg Grainer

Check out this mint green kitchen with white walls, wooden floor and stainless steel worktop. These kitchen colors help you create the most serene environment in there.

8. Bold Kitchen ColorsKitchen ColorsCourtesy of Mal Corboy Design

Try out this bold kitchen color scheme. The use of high gloss yellow and purple create a whimsical look and the graphic cabinets add more to it.

9. Funky Fun Kitchen Colors Kitchen ColorsCourtesy of Kim Duffin

Set the stage for this lovely kitchen. Experiment with kitchen colors and have fun. Choose two contrasting colors and do up your kitchen.

10. Bright Lively Kitchen ColorsKitchen ColorsCourtesy of Zugai Strudwick

You can’t ask for a livelier kitchen design. It seems like a no holds barred color palette. Love the hanging light fixture, they are beautiful.

11. Pink Kitchen ColorsKitchen ColorsCourtesy of Patricia L. Caulfield

Design a kitchen with honed black granite countertop and pink maple cabinets. Also add a spotted porcelain backsplash, black appliances and pink light fixtures to go with it.

12. Kitchen Colors with Oak CabinetsKitchen ColorsCourtesy of Urbanspace Interiors

A multi-colored backsplash looks great with oak cabinets and white worktop. The colorful geometric shapes add a new dimension to this kitchen design.

13. Sunny Yellow Kitchen ColorsKitchen ColorsCourtesy of Rafe Churchill, Photography by John Gruen

Pick bright sunny kitchen colors for your home. Try this gray-yellow combination; it will never fail to uplift your mood.

14. Multi-Colored Kitchen DesignKitchen ColorsCourtesy of Ande Bunbury Architects, Photography by Emma Cross

Get out of the box and try something new. Try color blocking in your kitchen. Revamp your kitchen by dressing up the cabinet doors in different colors.

15. Kitchen Cabinet ColorsKitchen ColorsCourtesy of IMI Design, Photography by Dino Tonn

Love this gorgeous red kitchen design! You can use different shades of red to do up your kitchen.

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