Kitchen Countertop Materials

Types of Kitchen Countertop Material Available in the Market

Kitchen countertop material has to be sturdy, durable, safe, economical, low-maintenance and aesthetically appealing. These kitchen countertop materials have to endure a lot; they are exposed to water, heat, knives and much more. Therefore, choose and install a countertop material that’s high on performance but low in cost.

Here is a guide on different types of kitchen countertop materials, choose the one that suits your style:

1. Natural Stone CountertopKitchen Countertop Material Courtesy of Capoferro Design Build Group

Natural stones like granite, marble, soapstone, limestone are the most widely used kitchen countertop material. They are beautiful, durable but needs frequent maintenance. You need to seal them annually to keep it stain and bacteria free.

2. Engineered Stone CountertopKitchen Countertop MaterialCourtesy of Realty Restoration

Engineered or cultured stone are also known as quartz, it’s made up of 95% natural quartz and 5% polymer resins. They are┬ádurable, beautiful, hygienic and easy to care for. Engineered stone countertops are available in a wide range of colour and texture.

3. Laminate CountertopKitchen Countertop Material Courtesy of Loftus Design, Photography by Jim Schmid

Laminate is a thin sheet of plastic resin used to cover wood or plywood. They are made of kraft paper, decorative papers, and melamine resins, bonded through high heat and pressure. You can find laminate in many different colours and finish. But, you need to protect them from sharp knives and hot pots and pans.

4. Wood CountertopKitchen Countertop Material Courtesy of Shannon Malone

Wood is one of the favourite materials when it comes to kitchen countertop. They never go out of fashion, but needs a bit of care and maintenance. They are susceptible to moisture, heat, stains and corrosive chemicals and acids. You can go for a butcher block or crafted wood slabs.

5. Tiles CountertopKitchen Countertop Material Courtesy of Norberry Tile

You can use ceramic or stone tiles for your kitchen. They are available in lots of colour, pattern and sizes. Ceramic tiles are durable, gorgeous and an affordable alternative to those costly granite and marble countertop.

6. Concrete CountertopKitchen Countertop MaterialCourtesy of Dwelling Designs

This is another budget friendly option with some great finish. They are solid, durable and attractive and can be made according to your need and specifications. You can go for cast-in-place or pre-cast countertops.

7. Metal CountertopKitchen Countertop Material Courtesy of Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly

Stainless steel, copper, zinc, pewter and aluminium are some of the metals used as kitchen countertop material. But stainless steel is the most common of them. Metal countertops are durable, stain and heat-resistant and less prone to bacterial growth.

8. Glass CountertopKitchen Countertop Material Courtesy of Fusion Glass Countertop by Brooks Custom

Glass countertops look beautiful and glamorous. They are non-porous, relatively stain-proof, extremely hygienic, and heat-resistant. Choose the thickness, type of glass, edge finishes, texture, or even colour of the glass before installation.

9. Solid Surface CountertopKitchen Countertop Material Courtesy of Darren James

Solid surface is used for making seamless countertop material. It’s available in hundreds of colour, texture and finish. They are┬ámade to resemble natural stone, wood, glass or concrete counters, but are comparatively cheaper. They are long-lasting, low-maintenance and easy to repair.

10. Eco-Friendly CountertopKitchen Countertop Material Courtesy of Uhrich Design

Bamboo, wood, aluminium, recycled glass and paper composites are used to make eco-friendly kitchen countertop material. Recycled coloured glass is mixed in concrete, cement or a resin to produce eco-friendly material. Same way paper composite or wood is mixed in a resin to make countertops. The problem with these kitchen countertop material is that they are not available everywhere.

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