Basic Kitchen Designs Layouts

The Most Common Kitchen Designs Layouts

Check out some of these basic kitchen designs layouts for your home.

As of today kitchen is not just place to prepare meals, but it’s a place for spend quality time with family and entertaining friends. Still the bottom line remains the same that a kitchen design should be by all means comfortable and practical.

One Wall Kitchen Designs Layouts

The basic one-wall kitchen designs layouts are also called the – Pullman kitchen. These one-wall kitchens are perfect for small spaces. They can help you save lots of space. In one-wall kitchen design all the cabinets and appliances are fixed on a single wall and most of them include an island. Check out the pictures below.

Kitchen Designs Courtesy of Nicolaj Bo

Kitchen LayoutsCourtesy of LWK Kitchens London

One Wall Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of Sandrin Leung Architecture, Photography by Ana Sandrin

Kitchen Designs LayoutsCourtesy of LUX Design

One Wall Kitchen Designs LayoutsCourtesy of Jason Ball Interiors

Galley Kitchen Designs Layouts

The galley kitchen designs layouts are also called a walk-through kitchen or parallel kitchen. It consists of two walls facing each other with aisle in between. Galleys are ideal for small spaces as they make use of every inch available. They are efficient and offer easy accessible work triangle.

Galley Kitchen Designs LayoutsCourtesy of LWK Kitchens London

Galley Kitchen Designs Courtesy of Chris Snook

Kitchen LayoutsCourtesy of Jaffa Group Design Group

Kitchen Designs LayoutsCourtesy of Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders, Photography by Joe Fletcher

Galley Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of Tracy Leah Interior Design

L-Shaped Kitchen Designs Layouts

L-shaped kitchen designs layouts are smart and helps you to maximize corner space. You can design this kind of kitchen for small and medium-sized kitchens. L-shaped kitchens are practical and efficient. It consists of countertops in the form of an L with or without an island or a breakfast nook.

L- shaped Kitchen Designs LayoutsCourtesy of Fraley and Company

Kitchen Designs LayoutsCourtesy of Meadowlark Builders

Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of Patrick A. Finn

Kitchen Designs Courtesy of Adam Hartig

L-shaped Kitchen Designs Courtesy of Jigsaw Interior Architecture, Photography by Ian Roman

U-Shaped Kitchen Designs Layouts

U-shape kitchen designs layouts are also called horseshoe kitchens. These designs work well for medium to large spaces. U-shaped kitchen has three walls of cabinets/appliances and most of them come with an island. This is an extremely efficient design as it allows for traffic flow and workflow around the island.

U-shaped Kitchen Designs LayoutsCourtesy of Natural Stone Gallery

Kitchen Designs LayoutsCourtesy of Amanda Still

Kitchen LayoutsCourtesy of Design Squared Ltd, Photography by Chris Snook

Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of Granite State Cabinetry

Kitchen Designs LayoutsCourtesy of Michael Kelley Photography

Kitchen Designs Layouts with Islands

Kitchen designs layouts with islands are very functional as they add extra work surface to a kitchen. Adding an island can turn a one-wall kitchen into a galley style, and an L-shaped layout into a horseshoe. They may include appliances, cabinetry and drawers for storage or can act as a breakfast nook.

Kitchen Designs Layouts with IslandCourtesy of Design a Space

Kitchen Designs Courtesy of RAHokanson Photography

Kitchen LayoutsCourtesy of Mowlem & Co

Kitchen Designs LayoutsCourtesy of The Mirror Gallery

Kitchen Design IdeasCourtesy of Flavin Architects, Photography by Nat Rea

Kitchen Designs Layouts with Peninsula

Peninsula kitchen designs layouts are kitchens with a connected island. These connected islands convert an L-shaped kitchen into a horseshoe and a horseshoe kitchen into a G-shaped design. A peninsula functions much like an island but offer free traffic movement in the kitchen.

Kitchen Designs Layouts with PeninsulaCourtesy of Amish Custom Kitchens

Kitchen Designs LayoutsCourtesy of Lindsay Chambers Design, Photography by Christopher Stark

Kitchen Designs Courtesy of Kaplan Thompson Architects

Kitchen Designs LayoutsCourtesy of Sheri Olson Architecture, Photography by Benjamin Benschneider

Kitchen Designs with PeninsulaCourtesy of Morph Interior

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