18 Different Kitchen Styles to Pick from for Your New House

Kitchen Designs and Styles

Take a look at these different types of kitchen designs from around the world and pick one for your home. Your choice of style must depend on the interior design of your house. But whichever you choose see to it that the design is efficient and functional.

Kitchen is a place where you start your day by making a hot cup of coffee or tea and preparing your breakfast. It is a place where you make delectable meals for your family and friends. Hence it should top your priority list.

Check out these amazing kitchen interior styles for ideas and inspiration.

1. Victorian Kitchens

Victorian Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly

If you want to cook in a classic environment, then Victorian kitchens are ideal for you. This is an exotic one with a mix of dark color and intricate design.

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2. Modern Kitchens

Modern Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of J Design Group

Here is a magnificent modern U-shaped design with an island in the center. It is a beautiful combination of light countertop and dark cabinets.

3. Southwestern Kitchens 

Southwestern Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of Andrews Home Design Group

This one has a very warm interior. Go for wooden floor, cabinetry and furniture. You can sit here and enjoy the awesome view from the window.

4. Scandinavian Kitchens

Scandinavian Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of Shirley Meisels, Photography by Stephani Buchman

You can choose this simple Scandinavian style. Use bleached white oak for flooring and Ceasarstone for countertop and backsplash.

5. Contemporary Kitchens

Contemporary Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of Kitchens

Check out this stylish urban palette in brown, gray and white. Make it glamorous by adding mosaic tiles for backsplash, polished quartz counters and high gloss cabinets on the island.

6. Mediterranean Kitchens

Mediterranean Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of Turtle Beach Construction & Remodeling, Photography by Brantley

What a lovely Mediterranean design! It has a beautiful ceiling, backsplash and contrast island. Go for this nice fitted kitchen design with lots of cabinets and pretty pendant lights.

7. Traditional Kitchens

Traditional Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of Marlene Wangenheim

This looks like a very user friendly, comfortable kitchen space. Add a stunning chandelier in the center for a glamorous look.

8. Transitional Kitchens

Transitional Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of Boyer Building Corporation

Take your pick on this one. It has a great design and looks quite stylish. The splash of color takes it to a completely new level. I love the wooden cabinets and the floor.

9. Beach Style Kitchens

Beach Style Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of Clayton&Little Architects, Photography by Casey Dunn

Check out this beach style kitchen design with wicker chairs. Go for white colored cabinets, ceilings and backsplash tiles to match the style.

10. Eclectic Kitchens

Eclectic Kitchen Designs

Courtesy of Ande Bunbury Architects, Photography by Emma Cross

You can go for an eclectic mix of colored cabinets to add vibrancy and fun element into your kitchen. They look so interesting and happy.

11. Shabby-Chic Style Kitchens 

Shabby-Chic Style Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of Bruce Hemming Photography

It all depends on what kind of interior you like. If you love shabby chic style then this is a nice inspirational cooking area. It looks very natural with a bit of creative flair.

12. Tropical Kitchens

Tropical Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of Laurie Stevens Design

This one looks like a fun meeting place for the family members. The French door gives direct access to the patio. A great place for entertaining your guests!

13. Rustic Kitchens

Rustic Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of Kitchens by Design, Photography by Cipher Imaging

The blue color adds a new dimension to this rustic kitchen interior. The wood cabinets and stone backsplash add more to its beauty.

14. Midcentury Kitchens

Midcentury Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of Sarah Greenman

Get this mid-century look – go for open shelves, simple painted cabinets, wood countertop and green chinaware. Add under cabinet lights to brighten it up.

15. Craftsman Kitchens

Craftsman Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of Haas Cabinets

How about this craftsman design, it gives a rich woody look to the kitchen. This compact modular design is ideal for most Asian homes.

16. Industrial Kitchens

Industrial Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of Nina Frolova

Check out this one having an exposed brick wall and a vent. The track lighting brightens up this L-shaped cooking area. I love the beautiful use of dark colors in here.

17. Asian Kitchens 

Asian Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of Contemporary Kitchen

Pick this awesome Indian kitchen in green and orange color for your home. Go for an exposed concrete wall and granite countertop.

18. Farmhouse Kitchens 

Farmhouse Kitchen DesignsCourtesy of Pomerantz Woodworking, Photography by Sabin Gratz

Farmhouse kitchens have a soothing serene ambience. The light and dark shades of gray create a laid back look. I love the exposed beams and big drawers on both side of the stove.

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