Kitchen Ideas for Small Kitchens

Efficient and Functional Kitchen Ideas for Small Kitchens

Have a look at these amazing kitchen ideas for small kitchens. It will change the way you look at a small space and help you designs a better kitchen for your home.

Take inspiration from these kitchen ideas for small kitchens before building or remodeling your kitchen. Clever designing and optimal use of space can change everything. Or, you can say they are the key ingredients for a perfectly functional kitchen design.

1. Simple Kitchen Design

Kitchen Ideas for Small KitchensCourtesy of Mila Kolpakova

The small area in here has been smartly used to create this gorgeous kitchen design. This L-shaped tiny kitchen looks quite comfortable to work in. Add a small dining table just beside the kitchen to make it more convenient to serve and eat your meals.

2. Small Kitchen Layouts

Kitchen Ideas for Small KitchensCourtesy of McKinnon Building

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Here are some very practical kitchen ideas for small kitchen. This kitchen has a mix of wood and white color cabinets. Build-in space for appliances help in keeping the kitchen clean, organized and clutter-free. Place a rug to make it more interesting and full of life.

3. Kitchen Design Images

Kitchen Ideas for Small KitchensCourtesy of Denis Esakov

This tiny kitchen design is apt for studio apartments. The small dining table placed parallel to the worktop acts as an added preparation space. Transparent chairs and light fixture pose no visual obstruction. Thus making the kitchen more open and spacious! Keep the color of the kitchen in sync with the rest of the house.

4. Kitchen Designs Layouts

Kitchen Ideas for Small KitchensCourtesy of Co Adaptive Architecture, Photography by Peter Dressel

This is a simple one wall kitchen layout with a monochromatic feel and a large prep island. Try to use colors that blend with each other to create this seamless kitchen design. Go for open top shelves where you can store items that are used frequently.

5. Kitchen Design Gallery

Kitchen Ideas for Small KitchensCourtesy of BY Design Builders

Choose an open plan kitchen with a wide working triangle. This will allow more people to work comfortably even in a small kitchen. Use LED lights to illuminate your kitchen design. It is easy to work in a properly lit kitchen. I love the cherry stained cabinets and the bar stools.

6. Small Eclectic Kitchen Designs

Kitchen Ideas for Small KitchensCourtesy of Deadline Design

This L-shaped kitchen looks really cool and funky. The under cabinet lighting and the glass backsplash creates a balance between the dark and the light-colored cabinets. Add a small dining table where you can entertain your friends and family during get together.

7. Kitchen Ideas for Small Kitchens 

Kitchen Ideas for Small KitchensCourtesy of Jonathan David

Use all the available space to build lots of cabinets and drawers for storage in your kitchen. More storage space means less of clutter on the countertop. Everything can be kept out of sight, inside these cabinets. This traditional kitchen is ideal for small homes.

8. Tiny Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen Ideas for Small KitchensCourtesy of Moon Design + Build

Building open shelves around your kitchen door is a very unique idea. This kitchen has a narrow unit on one side to save space but still offer some storage. This also adds an extra worktop as the other unit doesn’t have much preparation space.

9. Kitchen Design for Small Space

Kitchen Ideas for Small KitchensCourtesy of Lia Design

Get this modular kitchen design that fits into a single wall. It has large pull out drawers under the countertop and flat panel cabinets on top. Under cabinet lighting offers the much-needed illumination required for cooking and cleaning.

10. Small Kitchen Design Pictures

Kitchen Ideas for Small Kitchens

Courtesy of Arnal Photography

I love this kitchen, everything is so neatly placed in here. Create customized space in your kitchen for appliances. Go for white ceiling, floor, tile backsplash and marble countertop. Make cabinets up to the ceiling to get more storage space in your small kitchen design.

11. Contemporary Narrow Kitchen Design

Kitchen Ideas for Small KitchensCourtesy of LWK Kitchens

Take a look at this well-planned U-shaped kitchen design. It has lots and lots of cabinet and drawers. The appliances have a specific space and are fixed in perfection. This ensures that though you have a small kitchen it’s efficient to the core.

12. Small U-shaped Kitchen Designs

Kitchen Ideas for Small KitchensCourtesy of i3 Design Group

Check out this elegant contemporary kitchen design. This one has a nice peninsula where you can serve breakfast and socialize with your family and friends. It is an ideal kitchen design for flats and small homes.

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