Kitchen Storage Ideas

Create Wonders with These Unique Kitchen Storage Ideas

It doesn’t matter if you have a big or a small kitchen, our kitchen storage ideas can help you create some storage space to fit in those food cans, containers, bottles, crockery, pots and other items. Small kitchens are extremely cozy but they lack storage space. Big kitchen needs intelligent ideas for proper usage of available space.

Here are some kitchen storage ideas to make your life easy.

1. Hang ThemKitchen Storage Ideas Courtesy of Dungan Nequette Architects

Here is a simple way to store your pots and pans, just hang them on a pan hanger.

Kitchen Storage Ideas Courtesy of Angela Bonfante Kitchen Designs

Install a hanger in the centre of your kitchen and hang your spoons and forks in the same way to save space.

2. Knife StorageKitchen Storage Ideas Courtesy of Signature Design & Cabinetry

You need to have a safe place to store knives; a pull out cabinet is a perfect place for them.

Kitchen Storage Ideas Courtesy of Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry

Keep them out of sight insert a knife block in your drawer. Go for a pull-out chopping block and save on working space.

3. Wine StorageKitchen Storage Ideas Courtesy of TOC Design

Use your island to create space for wine cooler, wine storage and display cabinet for crockery.

4. Store Cook BooksKitchen Storage Ideas Courtesy of Rill Architects

Make space for your recipe books in your kitchen itself. Open shelves give you lot of storage space.

5. Corner SorageKitchen Storage IdeasCourtesy of Glenvale Kitchens

These brilliant corner drawers make every inch count.

6. Pantry IdeasKitchen Storage Ideas Courtesy of Young Remodeling

You can easily store all your food in this awesome pull out pantry.

Kitchen Storage Ideas Courtesy of TransFORM

Go for a custom pantry with enough storage space for every item from fruits, vegetables, wine and much more.

7. Peg Board Kitchen Storage Ideas Courtesy of Dodiehall

If your kitchen lacks in cabinet space, use peg board solution to store your utensils.

8. Concealed TableKitchen Storage Ideas Courtesy of Osborne Architects

Go for a small folding table, it can create extra space for working and having meals.

9. Corner CreativityKitchen Storage Ideas Courtesy of  Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry

Use corner turn-out cabinet to store big utensils.

10. Cabinet KitchenKitchen Storage Ideas Courtesy of Martina Williams

If you live alone, you can set up your kitchen in a cabinet. Close the cabinet for a neat organized look.

11. Recycle BinsKitchen Storage Ideas Courtesy of Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry

This is a 4-bin recycling centre where in you can store all your recyclable items.

12. Spice RackKitchen Storage  IdeasCourtesy of Green Goods

Store all the spices in this built-in spice rack. Get easy access to spices while cooking and make every nook and cranny useful.

13. Organize Accessories Kitchen Storage IdeasCourtesy of Iris

Store your cooking spoon, sieve, tong and other such items by hanging them above your cooking range. Install magnetic strips to organize knives.

14. Vertical UseKitchen Storage Ideas Courtesy of Amanda Still

The two columns nicely frame the kitchen while providing vertical and horizontal storage space.

15. Suspended ShelfKitchen Storage Ideas Courtesy of Actual-Size Architecture

Put up suspended shelves over your island to create more storage in your kitchen.

Kitchen Storage Ideas Courtesy of Mark Gerwing

Use suspended shelves as a crockery rack.

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