Kitchen Tiles Design in Different Styles

Kitchen Tiles Design 

Stylish kitchen tiles design will definitely help to wear off the age-old mundane concept of the kitchen. You can use many kinds of tiles in your kitchen. They come in many shapes, sizes, color and material like ceramic, porcelain and terra cotta.

The kitchen tiles help in protecting the walls from staining specially in the zones close to your sink and stove, the places where you cook, clean and prepare food. While your kitchen tiles might stain but are very easy to clean and maintain.

Here is some wonderful kitchen tiles design which would make your kitchen look modern and functional to the core.

1. Custom-made Kitchen Tiles Design

Kitchen Tiles DesignCourtesy of Maughan Design & Remodel

Kitchen tiles design adds color to the area. And, believe me it’s important for it uplifts the mood of the lady of the house and this is directly proportional to the delectable cuisine. These custom cut ceramic tiles look wonderful and go well with the blue countertop.

2. Glass Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen Tiles DesignCourtesy of Amy A Alper,  Photography by Eric Rorer

I love this elegant Kitchen tiles design. The kitchen has a unique feature in its kitty by way of the pale blue glass tiles. All the cabinets surrounding it are in white. Combined with the blue back splash it seems to stimulate energy into the whole environment.

3. Stainless Steel Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen Tiles DesignCourtesy of Alloy Solid Metal Tiles,  Photography by Maree Homer

This lovely kitchen has a mesmerizing tile wall. The tiles are made up of alloy metal in brushed stainless steel. It gives a glittery effect to the kitchen making it look bigger and brighter. These tiles are highly durable and easy to clean and maintain.

4. Porcelain Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen Tiles DesignCourtesy of Black and Milk

This kitchen area is very small but is done up in a brilliant manner. Every corner of this compact kitchen is done up keeping the utility in mind. The porcelain kitchen tiles design seems to have marble finesse. They add glamour to the cooking area.

5. Stone Tiles for Kitchen

Kitchen Tiles DesignCourtesy of Dan Nelson, Designs Northwest Architects

Here is a tastefully done up kitchen. The designer has succeeded in creating a visual drama in this cooking area. The stone tiles on the wall are looking smart and does not require much maintenance. They are fit to perfection and the amazing lighting does the rest.

6. Herringbone Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen Tiles DesignCourtesy of More Design+Build, Photography by Terri Glanger

The awesome weave pattern in this kitchen tiles design is known as the herringbone arrangement. The white tiles on the wall are complementing the orange floor tiles. This kitchen has lots of drawers for storage. It seems like a well-lit with a cozy feel.

7. Terra Cotta Kitchen Tiles Design

Kitchen Tiles DesignCourtesy of Bath Kitchen Company

The terra cotta tiles gives warmth to this farmhouse kitchen design. This kitchen is vivaciously colorful. The green colored stove looks off beat and attractive. The wooden center table and the countertop complete the concept in the most beautiful way.

8. Hand-painted Limestone Kitchen Tiles Design

Kitchen Tiles DesignCourtesy of D for Design

Here is a customized hand-painted backsplash tile design which gives it a classic Mediterranean touch. The wall tiles are actually limestone tiles, cut into smaller pieces and then hand painted. The light hanging from the ceiling steals the show. The splashes of green and red color add life and warmth to this kitchen space.

9. 3D Ceramic Tiles

Kitchen Tiles DesignCourtesy of Balfoort Architecture, Photography by Rosky & Associates

I love this 3D kitchen tiles, they look awesome! Wood cabinets and lacquer countertop give it a cool look. And, the hanging pendant light illuminates the entire kitchen to make it a happy and warm place.

10. Cracked Glass Tiles Design

Kitchen Tiles DesignCourtesy of Sunscape Homes

This is an amazing kitchen design. The backsplash looks resplendent with crack glass tiles. The kitchen island extends to form the breakfast nook. The dark cabinet with white counter tops is a great contrast.

11. Mediterranean Ceramic Tiles

Kitchen Tiles DesignCourtesy of Steve Richmond Fine Homes, Photography by Paul Finkel

Here is an incredible and breathtakingly beautiful example of kitchen tiles design. The tiles on the countertop and backsplash are extremely vibrant and have gorgeous patterns on them. Lace your kitchen with sunflowers to make it bright and bubbly. .

12. White Subway Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen Tiles DesignCourtesy of Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture

Check out this small kitchen design with simple, white subway wall tiles. Ceramic subway tiles are very popular and widely used across the globe. They come in many different colors and sizes. The tiny area has been cleverly organized to make the best of available space.

13. Colorful Mosaic Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen Tiles DesignCourtesy of Robin Wilson Interior Design, Photography by David Hewitt & Ann Garrison

This multi-colored mosaic kitchen tiles design is really gorgeous. It is a great idea to combine it with warm colored cabinets to get this chic look. The large windows allow taking a peek at the city life while cooking sumptuous meals.

14. Glittery Mosaic Backsplash Tiles

Kitchen Tiles DesignCourtesy of Builder Elements

This is an impeccable kitchen. Its walls are done using natural seashell mosaic tiles. The glitter and shimmer of the tile is an added feather in the cap. The white drawers and cabinets are quite instrumental in giving a clutter-free look and enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

15. Green Subway Kitchen tiles

Kitchen Tiles DesignCourtesy of Affecting Spaces, Photography by Steve Tsai

This kitchen flaunts pretty green subway tiles. Green symbolizes life and energy and these mosaic tiles suffice the concept. The mix of crisp white color cabinetry and the dark quartz countertop makes the kitchen absolutely whimsical and exciting to work in.

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