10 Latest Pooja Room Designs

Latest Pooja Room Designs for Indian Homes

Here are some latest pooja room designs from different parts of India. You can pick some great ideas and tips from them and create a soulful interior for your pooja room.

Most of these latest pooja room designs are separate, stand alone pooja ghar. If you have space in your home or apartment then build a small pooja room where you can sit, pray and meditate.

One needs to spend time with god for attainment to inner peace and happiness. These pooja rooms offer an ideal environment for it. The tranquility of these pooja room designs will leave you speechless and mesmerized. Just take a look at our latest pooja room designs:

1. Spacious Pooja Room

Latest Pooja Room DesignsCourtesy of H P Lakhani Associates from Hyderabad, Photography by Sameer Chawda

If you have a big hall use wooden partitions like the ones in the above picture to build your pooja room. Place photograph of deities in a small mandir like structure. Do up the room in light yellow and white color. Go for soft lighting to get this look.

2. Peaceful Pooja Space

Latest Pooja Room DesignsCourtesy of Help Me Build from Haryana

Use LED lights to give a dramatic look to your pooja room designs. Build a pedestal to keep idol of god and goddess. Add lights behind it to create a magical aura. There is a certain amount of calmness about this pooja space which offers a perfect place for meditation.

3. Pooja Room with Bells

Latest Pooja Room DesignsCourtesy of Aashray Architects and Interior Designers from Gujarat

Build a small pooja room in your house. Raise the floor a bit and add a wooden partition to separate it from the rest of the house. I love the ceiling with lights and bells hanging in there. Go for a two step platform to keep your deities. The steps have sliding doors with storage inside.

4. Small Pooja Room Design 

Latest Pooja Room DesignsCourtesy of Kuvio Studio from Bengaluru

This amazing glass pooja room stands between the living room and the dining hall. Add a floating shelf with a couple of drawers for storage. Place idol of your deity on it and hang photographs if any on the wall.

5. Pooja Room with Creative Ceiling

Latest Pooja Room DesignsCourtesy of H P Lakhani Associates from Hyderabad, Photography by Sameer Chawda

This pooja room has a creative ceiling. It has a backlit floral pattern that is reflecting on the walls. Go for glass doors with brass Om shaped handles. The room has some storage area beneath the stone countertop wherein you can store all your pooja essentials.

6. Pooja Room with Glass Doors

Latest Pooja Room DesignsCourtesy of Tatvam Consultancy Services from Ahemdabad

Go for this simple pooja room design in glass. You can get a clear view of pooja room from the living room; it can keep you connected with the almighty at all times.

7.  Green Pooja Space

Latest Pooja Room DesignsCourtesy of Roped Design from Delhi, Photography by Vibhor Yadav

Here is a pooja room with lots of greenery. I love the wall with vertical garden and Sai Baba’s photo on it. It is a great place to sit and do pooja every day.

8. Design of Pooja Room within a House  

Latest Pooja Room DesignsCourtesy of Shantanu Garg Design from Jaipur

This is a spacious pooja room with a view as one side has glass windows. It has two large brass urns with boxwood ball on top. Deities are placed in a separate glass mandir. Go for a nice patterned floor to recreate this look in your house.

9. White Pooja Room

Latest Pooja Room DesignsCourtesy of DWG Designs from Mumbai

Check out this beautiful marble pooja room. There are some intricate carvings at the entrance. A mini temple is made along the wall of this white pooja room. Place idol of gods and goddesses in it.

10. Traditional Style Pooja Room

Latest Pooja Room DesignsCourtesy of Tektton Design from Vijayawada

This is a typical pooja room with carved wooden doors and marble flooring. The small window at the back allows light and air into the room. Build a couple of shelves to keep the idols and photographs of your deity on it. I love the under shelf lighting in here.

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