Living Room Decoration Colours

Try These Amazing Living Room Decoration Colours

Use living room decorating colours to design your family room. People spend a lot of time in their living room. They entertain guests and relax with their family. Hence, it’s necessary to decorate it with a personal touch.

You can choose either dark or light hues for living room decorating colours. We have collected a few ideas on living room decoration colours. Do have a look:

1. Orange Crush Living RoomLiving Room Decoration ColoursCourtesy of Tamara Mack Design

Design a vibrant living room by using white with orange. Go for orange rug, lamp, cushions and chair.

2. Glamorous Black Living RoomLiving Room Decoration ColoursCourtesy of Marcelo Brito & Pedro Potaris, photography by Gui Morelli

Here is a gorgeous living room with black trim and carpet. Keep the walls and ceiling white to keep up the balance.

3. Fiery Red Living RoomLiving Room Decoration ColoursCourtesy of Clean Design, Photography by Donna Dotan

Red is one of the most popular living room decoration colours. Add grey sofa, rug and a pretty glass coffee table to compliment it.

4. Living Room with Purple DecorLiving Room Decoration ColoursCourtesy of Clean Design, Photography by Donna Dotan

Try bold, bright purple colour in your living room. Add an artwork, some throw pillows and a purple bench.

5. Colourful Accents Living RoomLiving Room Decoration ColoursCourtesy of Clean Design, Photography by Donna Dotan

How about going on a colour ride? Go for multi-coloured swirl rug and artwork. Hang sheer drapes and add a  black sectional.

6. Living Room with bold ColoursLiving Room Decoration ColoursCourtesy of Domas Nova

In this living room tradition meets contemporary flamboyance, colour and character. Match turquoise with gold and white.

7. Living Room with Bright Yellow Accent WallLiving Room Decoration ColoursCourtesy of Derrell Parker, Photography by KuDa

This living room is bursting with colour. Decorate the fireplace with yellow panels. Add African masks next to it to create a focal point. Place yellow chairs to tie them all together.

8. Living Room Decoration Colours in Red n Blue Living Room Decoration ColoursCourtesy of Alexander Pollock Interiors, Photography by Nicole England

To get this unique living room, go for a curved red sofa. Add blue striped coffee table and a geometric print carpet. The ceiling treatment is awesome and so is the gold-white pendant light.

9. Metallic Coloured Living RoomLiving Room Decoration ColoursCourtesy of John Magnoski Photography

Here is a beautiful living room with a metallic touch. Add colourful pillows on the grey sofa. Maintain the metallic feel with mirrored tables and glossy paints.

10. Brown Living Room Living Room Decoration ColoursCourtesy of Morgante Wilson Architects, Photography by Werner Straube

Design your house with brown living room decoration colours. Go for brown walls, curtains, floor lamp and chandelier.

11. Sunny Yellow Living RoomLiving Room Decoration ColoursCourtesy of Rebecca Stratton, Photography by Tony Valainas

A cool living room with yellow and grey! Add chic yellow drapes and cushions to create a bubbly ambience.

12. Lime Green Living RoomLiving Room Decoration Colours Courtesy of Lean van der Merwe Interiors

Ever thought of having black and lime green as your living room decoration colours? But, I must say they look good and give an enigmatic look to this room.

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