11 Living Room Housekeeping Ideas – How to Clean a Living Room

Living Room Housekeeping

Living room housekeeping involves de-cluttering, cleaning, repairing and maintaining the same. Living room is a place where we spend a lot of time with our family. We sit together, chat, watch movies, play games and much more. It’s also a place to welcome guests. Hence, it is necessary to keep it clean and tidy.

Living Room HousekeepingCourtesy of Semerjian Interiors, Photography by Rikki Snyder

If you want to have a nice, sparkling living room, then you need regular de-cluttering, cleaning and tidying up. In addition to the usual dusting, sweeping and mopping you need to follow a proper cleansing routine.

Check out these living room housekeeping tips to get a clean living room.

1. Cleaning Up the ClutterLiving Room HousekeepingCourtesy of Tamara Mack Design

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The first tip for living room housekeeping – de-clutter your living space every other day. Don’t let unnecessary things to pile up in there. Instruct everyone to keep the things in place than leaving them all behind.

2. Start from the CeilingLiving Room HousekeepingCourtesy of Istock

Next, always remember to start cleaning from top to bottom. Clean the ceiling and corner of the walls. Take out spider webs, if any. Brush off the accumulated dust and wipe dirty spots on the walls.

3. Clean Fan and Light Fixtures Living Room HousekeepingCourtesy of Barnes Vanze Architects, Photography by Anice Hoachlander

After cleaning the ceiling go for the fan and light fixtures. Clean the recessed light, tube light, wall sconce, and chandeliers in your living room. Remember to switch off these fixtures before you start. Clean the switch boards too.

4. Dust Artwork and PhotographsLiving Room HousekeepingCourtesy of Diamond Custom Homes

Use a wet cloth and gently wipe the glass frame of all the artwork and photograph hanging on the wall. Don’t spray water or any other cleansing liquid as they can seep through the frame and destroy it.

5. Clean the Doors and WindowsLiving Room HousekeepingCourtesy of Horchow

Take down the draperies, curtains and blinds before cleaning the windows and doors. Clean the grill, glass, frame, knobs, and the window sill. Use a soft wet cloth to clean your living room door.

6. Dust and clean the Sofa, Couch, Deewan and Chair Living Room HousekeepingCourtesy of Paula Grace Designs

Vacuum your upholstery to get rid of the dust that accumulates on them. Brush off your sofa and change the slip covers and cushion covers. Clean every corner and crevices of the couch.

7. Clean the accent and Floor LampsLiving Room HousekeepingCourtesy of Rendall & Wright, Photography by Rachael Smith

Living room housekeeping involves cleaning of lamps too. Take out the lamp shades and dust them.

8. Go through the Tables and Other decorative ItemsLiving Room HousekeepingCourtesy of MuseInteriors

Wipe the coffee table and the side tables. Also clean any decorative items that you find on these tables and elsewhere. Once done, decorate the table with fresh flowers, knickknacks or books.

9. Dust the bookshelf and Entertainment CentreLiving Room Housekeeping

Courtesy of Ownby Design, Photography by Mark Boisclair

Take out all the books from the bookshelf and dust them. Wipe the book stand and re-arrange the books. After finishing off with the bookshelf clean your entertainment centre. Take out the electronic items one by one and clean them.

10. Clean the Carpets and RugsLiving Room HousekeepingCourtesy of Casual Design Group

Vacuum the carpets and rugs every week to get rid of dirt and dust. Do spot cleaning wherever required. If your carpets are heavily soiled, then call for professional help.

11. Clean the Doormats Living Room HousekeepingCourtesy of Alex Maguire

Lastly, add clean doormats on each end of your living room. This will allow people to wipe their shoes before entering. Thus, your living room will stay clean and dust-free.

Before you start your living room housekeeping and cleaning process, open all the windows in there. Playing your favourite music will make it fun-filled and entertaining.

Hope you liked our living room housekeeping tips, do leave your valuable comments below.

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