10 Living room Makeover ideas

Highly Inspiring and Creative Living Room Makeover Ideas

Living room is a place for social gatherings, entertaining friends, watching TV together with the family or just relaxing on a cup of coffee. It’s the first room people see in your house. Therefore, it needs to display some amount of style and class.

Living Room Makeover Ideas Courtesy of Charles Cunniffe Architects Aspen

We spend a lot of time in our living room, so make sure everything you choose is comfortable. A living room usually has a sofa, a coffee table and a focal point. While going for remodelling use living room makeover ideas to beautify it, and at the same time keep it functional too.

Living Room Makeover Ideas Courtesy of Martha O’Hara Interiors

Redesigning your living room should totally depend on how you use it. First decide on a budget but don’t shy away from splurging a bit if required. Then make a plan and see what you need to buy and what you already have.

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Living Room Makeover Ideas Courtesy of Bridget McMullin

And finally, decide the look, choose the right colour scheme, furniture, lighting, curtains, accessories and art pieces for your living room. Try to create a focal point. Take a look at these inspiring living room makeover ideas and create your dream living room.

1. Go WoodyLiving Room Makeover Ideas Courtesy of Studio William Hefner

This stunning living room uses a lot of dark oak wood, from flooring to walls, and up to the ceiling. Redesign your living room by adding wooden flooring or panelling the walls and ceiling.

2. Create a Reading Nook Living Room Makeover Ideas Courtesy of Cory Connor Designs

Give a makeover to your living area by create a place where you can read and relax. Put up book shelves and a window seat. Navy blue colour with a bit of orange is a great mix. Compliment the room with window treatment and a matching rug.

3. Live in with the NatureLiving Room Makeover Ideas  Courtesy of  Ehrlich Architects

One of the best living room makeover ideas you could ever come across. Replace one wall facing the garden with a huge wooden sliding door. Enjoy nature and have a good time with your family and friends in here.

4. Add Some ColourLiving Room Makeover IdeasCourtesy of Matthew Bolt Graphic Design

If you don’t want to invest much but still want to change the look of your living room then, just buy some colourful furniture. For a much defined look get matching lamps and cushions.

5. Bright Accent WallLiving Room Makeover Ideas Courtesy of Marina Albornoz Interior Design

Do something exciting when going for a living room makeover. Make a fashion statement with this chic red accent wall. Combine it with some magnificent art pieces to complete the look.

6. Large WindowsLiving Room Makeover Ideas Courtesy of Julia Vigneron Maher

You can display your love for nature by going for some large glass windows. Add an elegant rug and a plant on your coffee table.

7. Wall DisplayLiving Room Makeover Ideas

Courtesy of InsideStyle Home and Design

You can even go for a full wall display unit. Make niche in it to showcase your decorative pieces. Add wall paper to the ceiling in a lighter shade than that of the wood panelling on the wall.

8. Create a focal pointLiving Room Makeover IdeasCourtesy of Bob Narod

A room needs to have a focal point, create one using a huge painting. But, make sure it goes well with your living room decor.

9. Include PatternsLiving Room Makeover Ideas Courtesy of Unique By Design

While redesigning your living room, include patterns into it. Change the upholstery fabric of your furniture and give it a new look.

10. Hanging LightsLiving Room Makeover Ideas 14Courtesy of InsideStyle Home and Design

Use hanging lights to enhance the beauty of your living room. Lighting plays a vital role while decorating a space. Therefore, go for a stylish piece and see how it transforms your room.

The above living room makeover ideas can help you redesign your room and give it a new look.


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