Inspirational Living Room Remodelling ideas

Living Room Remodelling, Renovation and Makeover

Living room remodelling needs a lot of research, thought and planning. Though, it sounds interesting and easy, it is quite straining.

Our need for style and space keeps on changing and evolving. People love to spend time in their living room. They watch TV, play games, relax with their family and entertain guests in there. Most of them go for living room remodelling to create extra space, upgrade or make it more functional.

Here are some inspiring living room remodelling ideas, have a look:

1. Remodel Living Room with FireplaceLiving Room Remodelling 1 Living Room Remodelling

This living room remodelling got off with the installation of beautiful parquet floor, decorative molding, interior paint, and new marble fireplace, with ornate mantel.

Living Room Remodelling Living Room RemodellingCourtesy of Frank E. Page Remodeling, Painting, and Decorating

The new parquet floor replaced the older blue carpeting. The fireplace was completely re-done with a marble façade, and new carved wooden mantel.

The curtains on the windows were replaced with shades and newer draperies. Corner molding was put on the walls to give the large expanse of wall space a tasteful, classic design.

2. Living Room RemodelLiving Room Remodelling Living Room RemodellingCourtesy of Leanne Yarn

Get inspired and remodel your living room and kitchen. Go for a large traditional formal open concept living room with beige walls and porcelain floors. Do up a standard fireplace with wooden mantel.

3. Living Room Remodel PicturesLiving Room Remodelling Living Room RemodellingCourtesy of WINN Design+Build

This drab living room was remodelled by expanding the windows above the fireplace. It made the room more attractive and bright. Beautiful window trim and open shelves were added to this craftsman living room. Fireplace got a new look too.

4. Remodelling Living Room Walls Living Room Remodelling Living Room RemodellingCourtesy of Miki Duisterhof

This space was totally blank till a simple living room remodelling idea turned it into a classy one. Use ceiling medallion to create this awesome looking wall.

Add color to the room through sofa and throw pillows. Decorate the coffee table and place a bunch of colorful flowers on the side table.

5. Remodelling Living Room CeilingLiving Room Remodelling Living Room RemodellingCourtesy of Dominique Vorillon

Change the look of your living room by remodelling its ceiling. This room had a simple white ceiling. The home owner added coffered ceiling design which made it super cool and stylish.

In place of narrow windows the wall was replaced by sliding glass doors that opened it up to the adjacent patio.

6. Living Room Remodelling IdeasLiving Room Remodelling Living Room RemodellingCourtesy of BHG

The above living room lacked proper lighting and furniture arrangement. The vaulted ceiling made things worse; the room looked dark and dreary.

This living room remodelling started by going for white paint on the walls, ceiling, and floors. The home owners loved the vaulted ceiling. Therefore, they brought in an architect to raise the rest of the roof. Lamps and chandeliers were added to brighten up the space.

7. Living Room Remodelling on a BudgetLiving Room RemodellingLiving Room RemodellingLiving Room RemodellingCourtesy of Daniel Friedman Design

A simple studio apartment was remodelled by use of lots of patterns in the house. This is a great example of the power of neutrals in creating an elegant, modern and bright living room space.

Before starting any remodelling or renovation work do lots of research. Go through pictures and websites that offer ideas. Make sketches of each change that you are planning to have. This will give you a clear picture on the final look of your living room.

8. Living Room Remodelling Before and AfterLiving Room Remodelling Living Room RemodellingCourtesy of Candice Olson

The home owners outgrew their small home – especially their dark, cramped living room and dining room. They wanted it to be bigger and better. They decided to renovate it, but they needed a major overhaul.

The walls of the dining room and the porch were knocked off to create space. A huge window was built to brighten up the living room. The fireplace and the ceiling were given a new look while retaining the home’s traditional character.

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