Living Room Vastu Made Simpler

Rules for Living Room Vastu

Living room or drawing room is the heart of a house. The main entrance door or the ‘Mukhya Dwaar’ opens up into this room. Hence, design your living room in compliance with Vastu and allow the flow of positive energy into your house.

Follow the principles of living room Vastu to ward off negativity. Use Vastu to strike a balance between you and the nature. Here are some important living room Vastu tips, apply them to create harmony in your life.

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Do’s of Living Room Vastu

Living room or drawing room for North and East facing house should be build in the North-East direction. For West facing house living room should be in the North-West direction and for South facing house in the South-East direction.

The best suited colors for your living room are blue, grey, green, yellow and white. These colors are soothing and help you to stay calm and composed. Avoid using dark colors such as red, maroon, orange or black.

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Keep your living room free of clutter. Place heavy furniture against the South or West wall. Arrange furniture in such a way that it doesn’t disrupt the flow of traffic. Go for square or rectangle shaped furniture.

The door and windows of living room should be in East or North direction. Create positive energy by placing a statue or painting of lord Ganesha or other auspicious symbols like OM, Swastika, or Mangal Kalash after the entrance to the drawing room or the foyer.

Keep your living room well illuminated. Go for chandeliers, sconce, lamps and other fancy light fixtures to brighten it up. Don’t hang the chandelier exactly in the centre, but shift it slightly towards the West.

Place TV in the South-East corner of the living room. West is the most suitable direction to install your cooler or air conditioner. Telephone should be placed in either East direction, North or South-East.

Build fireplace in the South-East or North-West; avoid the North-East and South-West corners.

The best place to keep an aquarium or a water fountain is the North. They help create positive vibes between the family members and the guests.

Hang painting of water bodies on the Northern wall and rising sun on the Eastern wall of your drawing room. Decorate the Southern wall with family photographs and pictures of high-rise buildings and mountains. The Western wall can be decorated with paintings of landscape or posters of children.

Use decorative items like wind chime and laughing Buddha to invite positive energy and good luck in your living room.

Don’t of Living Room Vastu

You should avoid sitting under the beam as it may have negative effect on your mental health. You can hide the beams with the help of a false ceiling and restore balance in your living room.

Steer clear of artificial, dried flowers, cactus/cacti or bonsai plants as they may have negative influence on your finance and career.

Avoid keeping faded, torn-off, damaged or soiled painting, furniture or show piece in your living room.

Do not decorate your drawing room with dead or caged animals and birds. These things indicate cruelty, wildness and fear. Instead fill it with cool, calm, pleasing and friendly feelings.

Abstract paintings and posters showing grief, sorrow, pain, poverty and devastation should not be used in the living room. They have a strong negative impact on the sanctity of the house.

According to living room vastu, you should avoid stuffing your living room with unwanted, unusable items.

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