8 Ways to Make Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Simple Tips to Help You Make Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Today most of us live in small apartments, therefore it’s really necessary to get some ideas on how to make small bedroom look bigger. There are many ways to create optical illusions and make the room seem larger. You can easily trick your brain into thinking there is more space in your room.

Here are some tips and tricks to make your bedroom look bigger than it actually is:

Tip 1-Keep it Clutter-freeMake Small Bedroom Look Bigger Courtesy of Shor Homes

Keep your bedroom clean and tidy. A cluttered room looks messy, cramped and unwelcoming. An organised room be it a small one feels more open and spacious as your eyes move effortlessly through the room without any distractions.

Tip 2-Create StorageMake Small Bedroom Look Bigger Courtesy of Tanna Green Architects

You need to have proper storage for your clothes, books and other items. Go for vertical storage which draws your eyes up than to the corners of your small bedroom. You can also buy furniture with storage for better space management.

Tip 3-Stuff lessMake Small Bedroom Look BiggerCourtesy of InDesign / Lori Ludwick

Don’t stuff your bedroom with too many small furniture rather go for a few accent pieces. Use them to draw attention away from the dimensions of your bedroom. An over sized furniture can help you create a false sense of space. Use leggy ones instead of boxy, heavy tables and chairs.

Tip 4-Paint Colour Make Small Bedroom Look Bigger Courtesy of Valerie Pasquiou Interiors + Design

Light paint colour opens up a room and gives you more breathing space. They make the room seem much bigger. Whereas dark colours make your bedroom feel closed and cramped. You can stretch your room by painting horizontal stripes on the walls.

Tip 5-Hanging CurtainsMake Small Bedroom Look Bigger Courtesy of Rachel Reider Interiors

Go for sheer curtains for your windows, this will allow uninterrupted entry of natural light into your bedroom. Don’t block them with heavy curtains and blinds. A lighted room feels more airy and large.

Make Small Bedroom Look BiggerCourtesy of Orange Coast Interior Design

You can even try hanging the curtains a bit higher and end it just above the ground level. This will draw your attention to upwards and make the room seem bigger.

Tip 6-Use MirrorsMake Small Bedroom Look BiggerCourtesy of Cole Street

Use mirrors in your bedroom, place them opposite to the light source. Mirrors reflect light and make a room feel more expansive. They trick your eyes and you are able to see beyond the constrains of your small bedroom.

Tip 7-Create a Focal PointMake Small Bedroom Look Bigger  Courtesy of Beasley & Henley Interior Design

Add a focal point into your bedroom through some painting, art piece, lamp or a beautiful chandelier. This will help draw the eyes away from the edges of the room which makes it look bigger.

Tip 8-Match it All Make Small Bedroom Look Bigger Courtesy of Musso Design Group

Match the colour of your wall, furniture, fabric and accessories to create a sense of harmony in the room. Contrasting colours break the room into smaller parts. Whereas use of hues from the same family, creates a seamless flow that makes the bedroom look bigger.

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