How to Make Thermocol Temple for Ganpati

Simple DIY Tutorial to Make Thermocol Temple for Ganpati at Home

Here is a simple tutorial to help you make thermocol temple for Ganpati. Ganpati is a time for celebration, a time when every household is filled with devotion. Most of us bring Ganpati Bappa to our home and preparations for the same begin way before it.

We clean our home, decide on the theme we want and plan the decor. Some of us buy decorative items and makhar for lord Ganesh from the market but many of us like to prepare them at home. Check out our DIY tutorial on how to make thermocol makhar for Ganpati.

(Tutorial and photograph courtesy of Ajay Potdar‎)

Thermocol Mandir for Ganesh Pooja

Step 1Make Thermocol Temple for Ganpati

Take measurements and decide the size of your thermocol pooja temple for Ganpati.

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Step 2Make Thermocol Temple for Ganpati

Draw the design of the pooja makhar on a paper.

Step 3Make Thermocol Temple for Ganpati

Use a scissor to cut out the design.

Step 4Make Thermocol Temple for Ganpati at Home

Trace the design that you made on the paper on to your thermocol sheet.

Step 5How to Make Thermocol Temple for Ganpati

Use a hot knife or a thermocol cutter for cutting the thermocol sheet.

Step 6Make Thermocol Temple for Ganpati

Assemble the back of the thermocol makhar. Pin the cutouts on to it.

Step 7Make Thermocol Temple for Ganpati

Carve a nice border on to it.

Step 8Make Thermocol Temple for Ganpati

Mix chalk powder, glue and water to make a paste and apply on the thermocol. Let it dry before carving on it.

Step 9Make Thermocol Temple for Ganpati

Start painting, add a base color to your thermocol makhar for Ganpati.

Step 10Make Thermocol Temple for Ganpati

Add more color to your temple.

Step 11Make Thermocol Temple for Ganpati

Let the first coat dry before adding more.

Step 12Make Thermocol Temple for Ganpati

Color all the different parts of the makhar and then paste them together.

Step 13Make Thermocol Temple for Ganpati

Your thermocol makhar is ready. So, this is how you make thermocol temple for Ganpati. Do try this at home and have a wonderful Ganpati.

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3 Replies to “How to Make Thermocol Temple for Ganpati”

  1. I am very much interested as I live outside of India it is hard for me to buy mandir but your site is very useful for me thank you and keep doing it.

  2. This is fantastic, I was looking for something which really has paid online, now in a couple of months the festival season will start, I will be creating some of these crafts for my own festival.

    Thank u all for making such a nice website to be used for people like me to create Ganpati decorations.

  3. Hi, very beautiful and easy way to make a Malhar. I just have one doubt. Why do we need chalk powder and glue solution and in what proportion should we mix it. Thanks for posting this.

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