15 Master Bedroom Interior Design

Take a Tour into Some Lavishly Done Master Bedroom Interior Design

People take great care while doing up their master bedroom interior design. They choose the classy furniture, latest lighting fixtures, best colour scheme, comfortable bedding and much more. A master bedroom interior design needs to be stylish, glamorous and extremely comfortable, a perfect sanctuary in itself.

Take a leaf out of our master bedroom interior design ideas and turn your space into the bedroom of your dreams.

1. Pretty Grey BedroomMaster Bedroom Interior Design Courtesy of Greg Natale

Do up your master bedroom walls using geometric pattern wallpaper. Tufted upholstery and bedding in varying shades of grey create a luxurious yet refined space.

2. Ultra Chic BedroomMaster Bedroom Interior Design Courtesy of Taylor Howes Designs

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Create an upholstered wall with black wooden border. Add side tables and lamps to this lovely bedroom.

3. Luxurious BlueMaster Bedroom Interior Design Courtesy of Oliver Burns

Take a look at this bedroom decor; try to blend blue with neutral colours in your room to create this mood.

4. Tropical DecorMaster Bedroom Interior Design Courtesy of Knudson Interiors

Cover the walls with grass cloth and hang some art pieces behind your bed. Keep the decor sweet and simple.

5. Elegant Designing Master Bedroom Interior Design Courtesy of Dapa Interior Designers and Decorators

Everything about this bedroom is elegant. Place mirrors on either side of your bed above the side table to match up to this contemporary master bedroom design.

6. Modern Rustic TouchMaster Bedroom Interior Design Courtesy of Mark English Architects

A state-of-art paprika coloured lacquer storage bed with night stand. You can get this kind of bed made by a cabinet-maker, given your master bedroom is more than 10 feet in width.

7. Mirrored Wall BedroomMaster Bedroom Interior Design  Courtesy of Inside Style Home and Design

Build a mirrored wall for your master bedroom. A good carpenter can easily create this kind of wall. Add a couple of hanging lights with dimmers to get this look.

8. Richness RedefinedMaster Bedroom Interior Design Courtesy of S B Long Interiors

Go for round moulding on the ceiling and add a crystal chandelier to it. This is an awesome master bedroom with a king size bed and a comfortable couch.

9. Sophisticated BedroomMaster Bedroom Interior Design Courtesy of Palm Design Group

This bedroom has a unique marble fire-place. Add a bit of colour through artwork, Buddha statue, lamp and the bolster.

10. Metallic Gold Bedroom Master Bedroom Interior Design

Courtesy of Crawford Interiors

Here is a spacious master en suite for you. Add a golden pendant light in the centre; the square lamps are also cool.

11. Asian Style Bedroom Master Bedroom Interior Design Courtesy of Webber + Studio, Architects

Include a platform bed in your bedroom; keep the floor light in colour. Put up some interesting art work and painting around the room.

12. Traditional Bedroom Master Bedroom Interior Design Courtesy of Alexandra Luhrs Interior Design

This is a traditional bedroom with French windows with some great plantation shutters. Get this fresh look by painting the walls in white and the ceiling in light green colour.


13. Minimalist Look Master Bedroom Interior Design  Courtesy of Ownby Design

Take inspiration from this stunning bedroom suite and go for a minimalist look. Go for some selected furniture pieces and a subtle colour scheme.

14. Beautiful BedroomMaster Bedroom Interior Design Courtesy of LuAnn Development

Take a look at this huge master bedroom with an equally beautiful ceiling. Go for wall to wall carpeting and a very comfortable four-poster bed.

15. Earthen Hues Master Bedroom Interior Design Courtesy of Michael Abrams Limited

This master bedroom has beautifully used the curtain fabric on to the operable windows on either side of the bed. Use earthen colour headboard, comforter, pillows and rug. Go for wooden flooring and false ceiling with soft recessed light.

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