15 Modern Bedroom Designs

These Modern Bedroom Designs will Definitely Floor You

Discover some stylish modern bedroom designs for your house. These bedroom interior designs are extremely pretty and full of warmth.

A bedroom is a very important place where one comes after a long day to take rest. A good sleep is instrumental in ironing out the mental, emotional and physical creases. It is very important to make your bedroom the way you would feel safe and cosy in it.

Here are some beautiful modern bedroom designs.

1. Modern Bedroom Design LayoutModern Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Limitless

The layout of this modern bedroom design is very attractive. The false ceiling looks exquisite. The light fixtures have been put in such a way that the reflections are highlighting the pictures on the wall. In contrast to the dominating brown colour of the floor and the walls, the white colour bed, lamp shade and the dressing table gives a soothing effect.

2.  Serene Bedroom DesignsModern Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Specht Architects, Photography by Elizabeth Felicella

After a tiring day, this is the place one would love to seek respite in! The chief attraction of this modern bedroom design is the soft and soothing ambience. The 3D wall panelling is a novel concept which is quite eye-catching. It seems there is thick vegetation outside and the greenery is adding up to the fresh atmosphere inside the bedroom.

3. Master Bedroom Designs Modern Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Moshir Furniture

Here are some elegant modern bedroom designs! The chequered wallpaper and the headboard are complementing each other. The light-colored flooring and the rug is enlivening the otherwise predominantly brown decor of the room.

4. Modern Bedroom Design Ideas Modern Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Mauricio Nava Design

Modernity epitomised!! The decor of this bedroom exemplifies the idea of elegance with style. The high-rise view that one would get from the window is breathtakingly beautiful. The light from behind the bed falling on the wavy white wall panel, adds to the beauty within.

5. Modern Contemporary Bedroom DesignsModern Contemporary Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Sheryl Bleustein Interiors

These modern bedroom designs have been adorned with a beautiful colour scheme. This one looks as if nature has lent its hues within. The scenic beauty outside permeates inside through the white and green colour combination giving a feel of purity. The texture of the wall behind the bed is awesome. This room seems to be charged with positivity.

6. Modern Bedroom ColorsModern Bedroom ColorsCourtesy of SID Ltd

This is a perfect place to snuggle in and dream of a ‘White Christmas’. The white upholstery and linen further typifies this idea. Another attractive addition to this modern bedroom idea is the concept of open bathroom. The room is brightly lit highlighting the interesting panel behind the headboard.

7. Modern Bedroom Designs for CouplesModern Bedroom Designs for CouplesCourtesy of Limitless

‘Romance is in the air,’ the rose-coloured wall gives a gentle peek to this idea. The chandelier and the light fixtures reflecting on the white linen heighten this emotion. The design of the bed, the side table and the computer table gives the room a contemporary look. The beautiful lamp shade excites the feel of the room.

8. Modern Bedroom Designs for Small RoomsModern Bedroom Designs for Small RoomsCourtesy of Alexander Butler

Get modern bedroom designs with built-in storage concept. The overhead storage, side table and the ladder satisfies the idea of the aforesaid concept. The recessed wall with pictures and hanging lamps look beautiful. Actually the entire lay out of the room is extremely neat, organised and sophisticated.

9. Modern Classic Bedroom DesignsModern Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Sesshu Design Associates

This neat and elegant layout seems to be perfect for a thin bedroom. The space might be little less but the entire room is self sufficient in its own sense. The beige colour pervading in the entire room through the walls or the linen, provides a cosy atmosphere to this bedroom.

10. Beautiful Modern Bedroom DesignsModern Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of El Dorado Furniture

This modern bedroom design is an answer to a damsel’s dream. The tall and impressive headboard, with circular patterns opens up to reveal the grey wall in the background. The exquisite and traditional looking chandelier adds to the beauty. The dots and dashes of pink leave lingering fragrance reminiscence.

11. Modern Bedroom Decorating IdeasModern Bedroom Decorating IdeasCourtesy of Rachel Mast Design

A modern bedroom design idea with lots of brown to mark the décor! The indent headboard and lighting are the highlights of the room. The overhead speaker and the positioning of the light fixture are also quite interesting.

12. Monochromatic Modern Bedroom DesignsModern Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Mikaza Home

This modern bedroom design has a unique colour scheme of black and white. The colours have been balanced in such a way that it adds to the brightness and cosiness of the room. I love those high gloss lacquer furniture.

13. Modern Bedroom DesignsModern Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Forma Designs

Here is a simple, elegant and yet stylishly done up bedroom. The vibrant colours are responsible for the positivity that engulfs the room. The colour scheme is wonderful. The bed is very sleek looking and smart.

14. Modern Bedroom Furniture DesignsModern Bedroom Furniture DesignsCourtesy of Italian Interiors

The design of the bed in itself is one of the unique features of the bedroom. Textured wood has been used to make the furniture which is quite appealing. The position of the chandelier and the other light fixtures is very interesting.

15. Modern Bedroom Designs IndiaModern Bedroom Designs IndiaCourtesy of Vermont Woods Studios

Check out these sleek and smart modern bedroom designs that are timeless interior and decor. The straight line furniture adds space to the room. The clearance between the bed and the floor offers lightness to the look.

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