15 Modern Living Room Designs

Get Modern Living Room Designs and Decorating Ideas

Modern living room designs and decor are very common. Most of us opt for this style for our home. These designs are very simple and uncomplicated, hence preferred by many.

Modern living room designs are all about stylish furniture and neat, clean design. You can take the liberty to think outside the box. Whether you live in a studio apartment or a penthouse, they fit in everywhere.

We have brought some pretty interesting modern living room designs for you, do have a look:

1. Stylish Modern Living Room Designs Modern Living Room DesignsCourtesy of Causa Design Group

This living room has been done in a chic way. The artwork and the decorative items give a bold, funky look to it.

2. Modern Living Room Interior DesignsModern Living Room DesignsCourtesy of Houzz

Go for this awesome TV console, it adds a touch of uniqueness to this living room. I just love the ceiling, the drapes and the curvy sectional.

3. Cosy Modern Living Room DesignsModern Living Room DesignsCourtesy of Elena Calabrese Design & Décor, Photography by Ari Burling

Check out this beautiful, uncluttered look for your modern living room designs. Go for a multi-textured coffee table and a nice, lean fireplace.

4. Modern Living Room DesignsModern Living Room DesignsCourtesy of Fine Redesign Home Staging & Decor

Adding a bit color may go a long way in getting it right. The grey-yellow combo looks stunning in this modern living room.

5. Sofa for Modern Living RoomModern Living Room Furniture DesignsCourtesy of EuroLux Furniture

How about picking up some stylish furniture for your living room? Get a lovely sofa, a sectional, or a coffee table.

6. Modern Living Room Designs in Indian HomesModern Living Room Designs in IndianCourtesy of Amelie de Gaulle Interiors

Here is a warm, cosy living room apt for Indian homes. Add huge vases in one corner to give it a dramatic look.

7. Serene Modern Living Room Design Modern Living Room DesignsCourtesy of Swatt | Miers Architects, Photography by Russell Abraham

Design your living room in this cool way. Go for hardwood flooring and white colored furniture. The understated artwork looks great!

8. Living Room Designs with Contrasting ColorsModern Living Room DesignsCourtesy of Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design, Photography by Lindsay Nichols

Use contrasting colors for your modern living room designs. Decorate it with modish elements – sofa, table, lamp, rug, and art work.

9. Modern Living Room Furniture DesignsModern Living Room FurnitureCourtesy of Habitat Studio

A bright, stylish piece of furniture can turn your living room from drab to fab. This yellow rocker infuses life into this room.

10. Modern Living Room Designs with Floating TV StandModern Living Room Designs with TV StandCourtesy of Content Architecture, Photography by Peter Molick

Design a living room with huge windows. Add floating media shelves to save space. I love the white chair and the carpet.

11. Warm Modern Living Room DesignsModern Living Room DesignsCourtesy of SpireID Pte Ltd

Check out these modern living room designs. Create a sunken living room, it looks cool and stylish.

12. Modern Living Room Designs for Small SpacesModern Living Room Designs for Small SpacesCourtesy of Versaform

This is a small living room done in color popping style. Dress your drawing room with bright, vibrant carpet, throw pillows and wall art.

13. Trendy Living Room DesignsModern Living Room DesignsCourtesy of Thirdstone, Photography by Merle Prosofsky

Use these furniture and decor ideas for your modern living room designs. No living room is complete without these gorgeous furniture pieces.

14. Decoration Ideas for Modern Living Room Designs Modern Living Room DesignsCourtesy of Mauricio Nava Design, Photography by Chuck Williams

This modern living room has a classic touch to it. Everything in this room speaks for itself. Create an accent wall by adding photographs.

15. Modern Living Room Designs with Monochrome DecorModern Living Room DesignsCourtesy of Alexander James Interiors

Here is another amazing living room design. Work on similar lines to get this look. Use a black and white color scheme.

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