Most Common Kitchen Layouts

Take Your Pick-Kitchen Layouts

Kitchen layouts basically deal with the location of your kitchen counter, sink, range, refrigerator, and cabinets. The efficiency and functionality of a kitchen depends on its layout and work triangle. Therefore, choose a layout that suits your need and built of your kitchen.

Most Common Kitchen Layouts Courtesy of Great Spaces

A lot of factors affect the layout of a kitchen like its shape, available space, placement of doors and windows, appliances and much more. Some of the most common kitchen layouts include: single-wall kitchen, galley kitchen, U-shaped kitchen, and L-shaped kitchen plus various combinations of each. Some of them can also include an island or a table.

Let’s have a look at some of the most common kitchen layouts:

1. Single-File Kitchen Layouts or One-Way Galley Most Common Kitchen Layouts-Straight KitchenCourtesy of Paul Barrow

This is the simplest of all kitchen designs. It’s ideal for a narrow kitchen space. Single-file kitchen is set along a single wall. Working in this type of layout is not very comfortable as the range, sink and refrigerator fall in the same line. The work triangle is totally missing in here.

2. Double-File Kitchen Layouts or Two-Way GalleyMost Common Kitchen Layouts-Galley or Corridor KitchenCourtesy of Erdreich Architecture

This kitchen has two straight rows on each side. You can create your work triangle with one side containing the stove and the sink, and other side the refrigerator. Two-way galley kitchen has a classic layout; it helps in proper usage of all available space. The only drawback to this design is traffic flow.

3. L-Shaped Kitchen LayoutsMost Common Kitchen Layouts-L Shaped KitchenCourtesy of Fraley and Company

In the L-shaped kitchen, cabinets occupy two adjacent walls. It preserves the work triangle and forces the traffic out of your work area. You can add a table at the third wall or an island in the centre where you can sit and have a nice time with your family and friends.

4. U-Shaped Kitchen LayoutsMost Common Kitchen Layouts-U Shaped KitchenCourtesy of AHMANN LLC

U-shaped kitchen layout runs along three walls of your kitchen. It provides a lot of counter and storage space. It offers the most efficient and effective design solutions. You have space for every appliance and you never fall short of storage space.

5. G-Shaped Kitchen LayoutsMost Common Kitchen Layouts-G Shaped KitchenCourtesy of The Kitchen Source

The G-shaped kitchen layout is an advanced version of the U-shaped kitchen. Form a G-shape by attaching a partial fourth wall to your U-shape kitchen. It provides more work and storage space, and can easily support two work triangles.

Most Common Kitchen Layouts Courtesy of B. Mahoney Builders

A modified version of the G-kitchen is the double-L, which splits the G into two L-shaped components, essentially adding a smaller L-shaped island or peninsula to the L-kitchen.

6. The Island or Block Kitchen Layouts Most Common Kitchen Layouts-Island KitchenCourtesy of Studio Sarah Willmer

The island or block layout is mostly found in open kitchens. Here a free-standing island separate from the other cabinets is placed in the centre of an L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen. You can place your stove or both the stove and the sink on it. It makes the stove accessible from all sides such that two persons can cook together. It also allows the cook to stay in contact with others in the house. An island layout is perfect for serving meals or entertaining guests.

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