10 Most Stylish Bedrooms Ever

Design Stylish Bedrooms for Yourself

Stylish bedrooms are not that hard to create. Use some excellent colour schemes, stylish furniture and elegant decor pieces to create the a unique bedroom for yourself. Take a look at some of the most stylish bedrooms that you could ever come across.

1. Metallic Silver Bedroom

The first one on the stylish bedrooms list is this silver, grey and plum scheme bedroom. This look is all about luxurious textures, so choose heavy velvet curtains, silk cushions and soft chenille rugs to complete the sumptuous look.

Go for a theatrical, French-château-style bed with ornate carvings, Rococo details and a curvaceous frame.

Choose a white or silver-painted bed for a glam look and go for matching bedroom furniture. Pretty metallic wallpaper and a glittery glass chandelier light fitting will complete this decadent scheme.

2. Modish Monochrome BedroomTop 10 Stylish Bedrooms

Some of the most stylish bedrooms can be created using monochrome colours. Decorate with black and white for a beautiful bedroom that oozes your personal style and taste. Dramatic black walls can work if you choose a pale carpet or flooring to lighten the look.

Go for an upholstered headboard for a smart but soft look, then layer the bed with quilts in grey and charcoal to soften the look further with texture.

A statement white light fitting looks stunning against a black wall, accessories with white photo frames and flowers to complete the look.

3. Light and Dark Bedroom Top 10 Stylish Bedrooms

For a harmonious, balanced bedroom that’s easy to relax in, get the perfect mix of dark and light colours. These stylish bedrooms have dark, bold colour schemes.

Keep carpets or flooring, curtains, three walls and ceiling pale and light to make the room feel spacious – but paper the fourth wall with a dark and dramatic pattern to inject some colour and warmth in it.

Dark wooden furniture adds to the cosy feel. Dress your bed with dark and light elements; crisp white bed linen and dark, patterned cushions and quilts will create a smart, balanced look.

For the finishing touch, find a lampshade that’s patterned with both dark and light colours such as, a dark brown lampshade with a cream stripe, or vice versa.

4. Contemporary Oriental Bedroom Top 10 Stylish Bedrooms

Find your inner zen in stylish bedrooms that are like a luxury oriental retreat. Paint walls and floorboards white for a calm, serene atmosphere, and then choose a modern bed.

Accessories with leaf-green lamps, vases and bed linen, choose furniture with clean lines, bamboo finishes and geometric patterns. Keep things fresh with zesty green.

5. Indigo Blue BedroomTop 10 Stylish Bedrooms

Stylish bedrooms can also be created using dark shades. You have to be really bold to drench your room in indigo blue. A saturated scheme requires a lot of courage, but the effect is so spectacular, it’s worth taking the plunge.

Choose a deep shade of dark blue for the walls, and then paint the skirting boards to match it, now go for a carpet in the same shade for an inky scheme that’s ultra-chic.

A grey upholstered bed is perfect for a luxury look; go for crisp white bed linen with a bit of blue border or stripe in it. Keep furniture sleek and smart, such as, shop for high-gloss side tables instead of traditional bedside cabinets and dress the room with navy accessories with sexy silhouettes.

Hang industrial lighting for the last finishing touch to this contemporary scheme. Look for bare light bulbs, and hang them in a cluster for a statement focal point.

6.  Scottish-Style BedroomTop 10 Stylish Bedrooms

This is how you create sleek, urban stylish bedrooms; decorate it in a masculine, Scottish style for a smart look. Be bold – go for a tartan patterned carpet in chic black and white and add some pillows with geometrical print.

Choose a boxy, black wooden bed frame and go for square-shaped lamp shades and smart black and white accessories. Dress the bed simply but smartly with crisp white cotton sheets and a black throw.

If you want to inject some colour, keep it cool – an icy pale blue on the walls looks super-stylish.

7. Elegant Yellow BedroomTop 10 Stylish Bedrooms

Create a retro style by adding some fabulous wallpaper behind your headboard. Wallpaper is a great way to build some amazingly stylish bedrooms.

Choose a retro colour palette such as yellow and brown. Accessories with designer cushions and vintage-inspired items; look for lamps that echo the 1960’s and reconditioned telephones.

8. Indian Summer Bedroom Top 10 Stylish Bedrooms

Create a colourful boutique styled bedroom with bold, bright colours and a luxurious bed with some awesome Indian carving on them.

Indian stylish bedrooms mix bright colours together for an eclectic look – yellow, red, pink and blue – mix and match accessories for a really fun, creative feel. Choose vintage furniture for a relaxed, quirky look.

Complete the look with a handmade multi-colour bed cover and lots of shimmer, shiny cushions, add some more colour by incorporating a matching rug to it.

9. Pretty Pink Bedroom  Top 10 Stylish Bedrooms

Turn a boring bedroom in to a luxury pad with a statement hanging fabric panel instead of a headboard. Build stylish bedrooms to match your mood and taste.

Hang an inexpensive curtain rail on the wall above your bed head, using a spirit level to make sure it’s perfectly straight. Suspend a curtain or a hemmed panel of fabric from it for a beautiful and dramatic look.

Pick a colour from the pattern and accessories in that shade, matching throws, cushions and flowers for a coordinated scheme. If you grow tired of the look, you can easily change it; just swap the fabric for a different pattern!

10.  English Country BedroomTop 10 Stylish Bedrooms

Be inspired by the stylish bedrooms in an English country house and create a Victorian-style scheme. Keep three walls pale, but paper a fourth feature wall (behind the headboard) with a traditional flock pattern for some period charm.

Inject yesteryear elegance with a traditional metal bedstead and re-install period features such as fireplaces, coving and picture rails.

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