Use Paintings for Home Decor

Pep up Your Home with These Paintings for Home Decor

Use paintings for home decor as they can help you add personal touch to your room. Paintings can bring any room to life and help you express. They can open a whole new world of fantasy.

Here are some mind-blowing ideas on paintings for home decor, do check them out:

1. Painting for Dining Room

Paintings for Home DecorCourtesy of Brantley Photography

Here is a great piece of artwork for your dining room. Display an over sized painting behind your dining table. Just make sure not to hang it too high on the wall.

2. Artwork for Living Room

Paintings for Home DecorCourtesy of AMW Design Studio

Paintings play a very important role in home decor. Add some black and white paintings in your living room to create a focal point. I love the ballerina painting and the layout.

3. Decorate Kitchen with Artwork 

Paintings for Home DecorCourtesy of WL Interiors

Kitchen means food, hence you can hang a painting related to it. This large painting of oranges bring a splash of happiness and warmth into the kitchen.

4. Use Over Sized Painting as Decor

Paintings for Home DecorCourtesy of R Brant Design

Create a cozy reading nook in your home by adding this dramatic log painting. Place a couple of chairs, sit back and relax.

5. Realistic Artwork

Paintings for Home DecorCourtesy of Camilla Molders Design

Liven up your dining room, go for a large painting behind the table. The color of the chair matches with the pop of red in the painting which creates this fabulous look.

6. Painting Decor in Entryway

Paintings for Home DecorCourtesy of Link Architecture

Get awesome paintings for home decor. A horse painting adds depth to this entryway. You can also add a floating shelf on the opposite wall and place some candles and decorative items on it.

7. Artwork for Bathroom

Paintings for Home DecorCourtesy of Michele Peterson-AMA Interiors

The wall behind the bathtub is a perfect place to hang a painting. The bathtub, chandelier and the painting together create a strong visual appeal.

8. Paintings for Home Office Decoration

Paintings for Home DecorCourtesy of Dugally Oberfeld

What a lovely decor for home office! Hang a contemporary painting and create a colorful background for the office.

9. Colorful Kids Room Painting Decor

Paintings for Home DecorCourtesy of Braswell Homes Inc

Use bright-colored paintings to turn your kids into a cheerful, happy space. You can always paint one along with your kids.

10. Serene Painting for Master Bedroom

Paintings for Home DecorCourtesy of Incorporated, Photography by Josh McHugh

Create a serene ambience in your bedroom. You can add a painting that has a cool, calming effect on you. Go for a gold leaf Chinese antique panel painting, its fabulous!

11. Paintings Decoration Ideas 

Paintings for Home DecorCourtesy of Porebski Architects, Photography by Justin Alexander

Place the painting at the top of the staircase. You can go for a single large painting or a set of multiple paintings for decoration.

12. Hallway Wall Decor

Paintings for Home DecorCourtesy of L. Lumpkins Architect

Add this amazing horse art at the end of the hallway. This way people would be able see it the moment they step in there.

13. Kids Room Wall Decor Ideas

Paintings for Home DecorCourtesy of Geezees

A wall art with a message! These paintings for home decor with messages not only adds beauty to the children room but also inspires them.

14. Artwork for Dining Room

Paintings for Home DecorCourtesy of Chesney’s, Photography by Jake Fitzjones

Take a look at this lovely dining room. The wallpaper on the ceiling and an overstated portrait painting on the mantle adds to the overall classic look of this room.

15. Cute Painting Decor 

Paintings for Home DecorCourtesy of Core Development Group

Children love animals and adore their pets. Get a painting of their favorite animal and hang it in there.

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