Outdoor Seating Ideas

Outdoor Seating Ideas for Patio, Backyard and Pool Area

Check out these pretty amazing outdoor seating ideas. Get inspiration and design one for your home. You can arrange a cosy seating area in your backyard, patio, pool area, terrace or balcony. Outdoor seating ideas offer a perfect place to relax with your family and friends.

Get lovely outdoor seating ideas and design one for your home:

1. Colorful Outdoor Seating IdeasOutdoor Seating IdeasCourtesy of Creative Atmospheres

Here are some incredibly beautiful outdoor seating ideas for a patio. Love the seating arrangement done in the traditional ‘takhat’ style. The cushions and the pillows seem to have stolen colours from the nature as they are in sync with the elements around. The fire pit adds to the traditional aspect in this beautiful corner.

2. Outdoor Backyard Seating Ideas Outdoor Seating IdeasCourtesy of Sally Wheat Interiors

An enticing outdoor seating idea! This beautifully done up backyard all in shades of earth and green is very interesting. The wooden straight line furniture in brown and the lime green upholstery is quite a stylish combination. It’s a cute idea to have a wooden wall behind an outdoor living area and the espaliers are an icing on the cake.

3. Outdoor Seating Ideas by the Pool Outdoor Seating IdeasCourtesy of Interiors by Agostino’s

This is a stylishly done up patio overlooking the swimming pool. The setting of the furniture around the fire pit is looking very cosy and inviting. The upholstery in subtle green and lavender with the cushion covers again in subtle contrast colors look extremely pleasing. I would certainly love to spend a quiet evening in this ambience!

4. Contemporary  Outdoor Seating IdeasOutdoor Seating IdeasCourtesy of The Nelson Brothers

This is a beautiful seating idea in the backyard. The wicker furniture is giving it a very traditional look while the wooden centre table adds more to it. It somewhat reminds me of ‘aangan’ in a traditional Indian home. It is a perfect place to have some hot beverages under the sun during winter afternoons.

5. Seating Ideas Around Fire Pit Outdoor Seating IdeasCourtesy of Jason Dewey Photography

What riot of exotic colours!! The spectacular view, the hues of nature and the outdoor seating arrangement are simply complementing each other. This looks like a side patio area wherein the extended cemented structures have been beautifully converted into comfortable seats. The fire pit in the centre will make your wintry evening all the more cosy.

6. Mediterranean Outdoor Seating Ideas Outdoor Seating IdeasCourtesy of Great Falls Distinctive Interiors, Photography by Alain Jaramillo

The layout of this outdoor seating idea is beautiful. The built-in, stone curved seating patio against the brick wall looks quite interesting. The fire pit in the centre and the sconce against the wall are instrumental in setting up a happy environment.

7. Eclectic Outdoor Seating Ideas Outdoor Seating IdeasCourtesy of Urban Nature / Troy Silva Design Group

This romantic set-up with a lovely gazebo in the centre is enough to take me on a trip to fairyland. The approach for the outdoor seating ideas need to be attractive. The paver with the grass in between leads to this awesome seating area. The straight lined sofa with white upholstery makes a serene ambience.The fireplace and the greenery adds more to this exotic corner.

8.  Simple Outdoor Seating IdeasOutdoor Seating IdeasCourtesy of Juergen Partridge Limited

Here is a very traditional approach towards doing up an outside seating area. The wooden canopy and the furniture look perfectly in sync with each other. The well detailed landscaping is defining the element of tradition to this outdoor seating idea. A perfect place to organise sumptuous dinners!

9. Outdoor Seating IdeasOutdoor Seating IdeasCourtesy of The Cousins

An extremely classy patio seating idea! The wicker furniture is offset with bright throw pillows, mosaic table and a hanging beanock. The curtains help to protect and define this stylish layout making it cozier while affording shade and buffer against breezes.

10. Closed Outdoor Seating IdeasOutdoor Seating IdeasCourtesy of Kim Bartley Design, Photography by Stephani Buchman

This patio feels like a living room. It is simple, sheltered but air can move through. You can enjoy the luxury of outdoor seating within the privacy of these dark wooden walls. The upholstery, cushions and the rug adds colour to this lovely corner. Love the cane furniture and the beautiful collection of centrepieces on the coffee table.

11. Pool Peninsula Seating IdeaOutdoor Seating IdeasCourtesy of Angela Reynolds Designs

This is an amazing outdoor seating idea…feels like penning down an ode to the nature ensconced in the built-in seats against the fireplace. The mix of water and the infusion of the sitting area are beautiful. The white upholstery against the blue waters with the picturesque reflection adds to the mesmerizing beauty.

12. Tropical Outdoor Seating IdeasOutdoor Seating IdeasCourtesy of Barbara Page Interiors, Photography by Michael Calderwood

The major attraction of this outdoor patio seating idea is the thatched roof and circular seating arrangement with vibrant upholstery. The idea of lighting up each tree heightens the baffling beauty. The atmosphere seems to be very relaxing.

13. Backyard Seating IdeasOutdoor Seating IdeasCourtesy of Tradewinds General Contracting, Photography by Mellissa Larson

This seating arrangement done in the backyard is extremely picturesque. The orange upholstery looks like flaming beauty in the otherwise brown surroundings. The brick walled pillar adds to its attractive look. Love these outdoor seating ideas!

14. Transitional Outdoor Seating IdeasOutdoor Seating IdeasCourtesy of Jason Dewey Photography

Design this gorgeous outdoor seating arrangement is your backyard. The main attraction in here is the lighting under the stone seats and the fire place. A very quiet and cosy atmosphere!

15. Outdoor Seating InspirationsOutdoor Seating IdeasCourtesy of Casa Outdoor Boston

A contemporary and modern looking seating arrangement! The stylish wooden furniture with taupe upholstery gives a very soothing feel. The cushion covers and the potted plants add splashes of green that brings in a whiff of freshness in the atmosphere.

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