30 Pongal Rangoli and Kolam Designs

Pongal Rangoli Designs

Here are some wonderful Pongal rangoli designs to help you to make your Pongal special.

Pongal is a harvest festival dedicated to Sun God. It is celebrated specially in southern part of India as an agricultural and harvest festival. This festival is a form of thanks giving to the almighty for showering us with agricultural abundance. The door steps of the houses are adorned with beautiful rangolis which mark the enthusiasm and zeal of the occasion.

1. Pongal Pot Rangoli

Pongal Rangoli 2018Courtesy of Er Pranali Kshatriya‎

The word ‘Pongal’ means abundance and prosperity. The overflowing pots in this beautiful rangoli design depict the same.

2. Use Intricate Patterns

Pongal Rangoli 2018Courtesy of Rani Kavitake

This beautiful Pongal rangoli has a fine intricate border. It will look extremely beautiful at your door step on the occasion of Pongal.

3. Traditional Design

Pongal Rangoli 2018Courtesy of Gomathi Sampath

The sugarcane in this Pongal rangoli depicts the first day of Pongal, ‘Bhogi’. On this day sugarcane along with the flowers are kept and worshiped.

4. Free Hand Rangoli Design

Pongal Rangoli 2018Courtesy of Gomathi Sampath

This is an attractive free hand Pongal rangoli. The earthen urn, sugarcane and food grains depict the beauty of this festival.

5. Simple Rangoli Art

Pongal Rangoli 2018Courtesy of Revathi Renu‎‎

Look at this beautiful creation; decorate your house with this rangoli on the occasion of Pongal. The enthusiasm of this festive occasion is clearly depicted by these rangoli designs.

6. Easy Design

Pongal Rangoli 2018Courtesy of Vijeta Korade‎

A simple rangoli design, not with much of intricacies but is successful in marking all the happy elements of the celebration.

7. Pongal Special Rangoli

Pongal Rangoli 2018Courtesy of Dedeepya B

A lovely free hand rangoli! This Pongal rangoli flaunts a vibrant array of colors. This would certainly enliven the spirit of the festival.

8. Beautiful Kolam for Pongal

Pongal Rangoli 2018Courtesy of Snehal Kulkarni Bodhankar‎

A simple and beautiful Pongal kolam rangoli! The bright combination of colors does the magic.

9. Kite Rangoli for Sankranti

Pongal Rangoli 2018Courtesy of Supraja Varsha‎

The portrayal of kite in this Pongal rangoli is a reflection to ‘uttarayan’ in Gujarat. Kite flying is an integral part of the festival celebration.

10. Harvest Festival Rangoli

Pongal Rangoli 2018Courtesy of Supraja Varsha‎

Here is a simple Pongal rangoli design depicting the importance of cooking payasam during ‘Thai Pongal’.

11. Creative Design

Pongal Rangoli 2018Courtesy of Mani Manjari‎

A beautiful rangoli design with a perfect blend of colors! Portray different elements of enjoyment during the festival like the – cock-fight, Jallikattu, kite flying and music.

12. Add a Natural Touch

Pongal Rangoli 2018Courtesy of Mani Manjari‎

An interesting rangoli design dedicated to the elements of nature. Pongal is a festival to celebrate nature.

13. Decorate your Courtyard

Pongal Rangoli 2018Courtesy of Laxmi Priya

Here is a beautiful freehand rangoli design. The deftness speak of the expertise of the artist.

14. Beautiful Rangoli Design

Pongal Rangoli 2018Courtesy of Gomathi Kumarakrishnan

An exotic Pongal rangoli indeed! Looking at this design you can get an idea of the things that you would need to perform various rituals during this festival.

15. Small Kolam Design 

Pongal Rangoli 2018Courtesy of Jyoti Mahajan Kale‎

One striking feature of this rangoli design is the feet of Goddess Lakshmi.This marks the essence of the festival that is celebrating prosperity and happiness.

16. Dance and Celebration

Pongal Rangoli 2018Courtesy of Suguna Motamarry‎

This rangoli design depicts a couple performing Garba a dance form of Gujarat. The Gujarati’s do Garba to celebrate any festive occasion.

17. Colorful Pongal Rangoli 

Pongal Rangoli 2018Courtesy of Aparna Gadekar‎

Look at this perfect ensemble of colors in this exquisite rangoli design. It is vibrant and beautiful and a mere glance at it makes us feel festival.

18. Dedicate to Sun God

Pongal Rangoli 2018Courtesy of Vaishali Gangule‎

This rangoli has the motif of the peacock. The perfect amalgamation of the color in the peacock feathers are enough to make the festive atmosphere joyous and exciting. The rangoli also has the design of Sun God, the harbinger of good health and greenery on earth.

19. Traditional Touch 

Pongal Rangoli 2018Courtesy of Gomathi Sampath‎

This Pongal rangoli has one important element in it, the banana leaf. You can find use of banana leaves for decorative and symbolic purposes in many Hindu and Buddhist religious ceremonies. This is a simple rangoli design; make it in your courtyard.

20 Peacock Rangoli

Pongal Rangoli 2018Courtesy of Chitra Bharathi

This rangoli design has a simple and offbeat color combination of pink, green, purple, yellow and black. Neat work indeed!

21. Sanskar Bharti Design

Pongal Rangoli 2018Courtesy of Chitra Bharathi

This is a beautiful Sanskar Bharti rangoli, extremely ornamental in its design. Use vibrant colors to make this Pongal rangoli more attractive.

22. Combine Patterns

Pongal Rangoli 2018Courtesy of Yazhini Mishra

This Pongal rangoli flaunts a lovely blend of colors. The beautiful design on the urn is quite eye-catching.

23. Floral Spread

Pongal Rangoli 2018Courtesy of Dedeepya B‎

This is a rangoli with a difference. This one boasts of a simple free hand design to decorate your doorstep. You can make this rangoli for any occasion.

24. Sankranti Celebration

Pongal Rangoli 2018Courtesy of Lakshmi Vaidhyanathan‎

This interesting Pongal rangoli design is a summation of all the four days of celebration. Each day of the festival is celebrated differently marking the importance of various elements of nature.

25. Cute Little Rangoli 

Pongal Rangoli 2018Courtesy of Sneha Chilkewar‎

A pretty rangoli design ready to welcome peace, goodwill, happiness and prosperity into your household!

26. Round Pongal Rangoli

Pongal Rangoli 2018Courtesy of Renu Arolikar‎

This beautiful Pongal rangoli design has a beautiful laced border. It dazzles in contrast to the color of the earth.

27. Quick Design

Pongal Rangoli 2018Courtesy of Sheetal Malode‎

This is a beautiful Pongal rangoli kolam design. The kolam design is filled in with beautiful colors to make it attractive.

28. Cow Rangoli Design

Pongal Rangoli 2018Courtesy of Malar Kodi

The day preceding to Pongal is called ‘Bhogi’. On this day the horns of cows and buffaloes are painted and this is depicted in this Pongal rangoli design.

29. Bright Kolam Rangoli

Pongal Rangoli 2018Courtesy of Shanthi Sridharan

This rangoli design is an outcome of deft hands. The design is carved with utmost care and precision. The diyas make it look more dazzling and beautiful.

30. Use Intricate Pattern 

Pongal Rangoli 2018Courtesy of Shanthi Sridharan

An intricately carved rangoli design! Each and every pattern is made with accuracy and this makes it distinct. A riot of vibrant and flamboyant colors depict the vivaciousness of the festival.

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