Aarti Thali Decoration

DIY Aarti Thali Decoration Ideas for Diwali Pooja and Other Festivals

We always try to bring the best pooja thali and aarti thali decoration ideas for you. Take inspiration and decorate your aarti ki thali for festivals such as Diwali, Ganpati, Dussehra and Janmashtami.

For decoration use flowers, seeds, rhinestones, clay, laces, cut mirrors or acrylic paint.

You can use these aarti thali decoration ideas to win prize in competitions. Take a look at our beautiful aarti thali collection.

1. Aarti Thali for Ganpati Pooja

Aarti Thali Decoration for GanpatiCourtesy of Kajal Goswami

Use different types of edible items from your kitchen to decorate your aarti ki thali. Use pulses and other seeds in different color for decoration. Make lord Ganpati in the center.

2. Decoration Ideas for Aarti Thali for Diwali

Aarti Thali Decoration for DiwaliCourtesy of Monalisa Khopkar Manik

Check out this fabulous thali that you can use for doing pooja or aarti. Use clay to make the sweets and flowers.

3. DIY Decoration Ideas for Aarti ki Thali 

Aarti Thali Decoration at HomeCourtesy of Mamta Kachhadiya

Use flowers, cut glass mirrors and colored rice to decorate this aarti ki thali. Use mouli to make Swastika in the center.

4. Aarti Thali Ideas for Dussehra

Aarti Thali Decoration for DussehraCourtesy of Pooja Thakkar‎

Mix color in flour and make dough. Use them to decorate your aarti and pooja ki thali. For highlighting, stick sequins on top.

5. Pooja Thali Decoration / Aarti Thali

Aarti Thali / Pooja ThaliCourtesy of Purvi Sompura

Take a steel plate and spread rice over it. Make a Swastika in the mid and place betel nuts and small clay bowls.

6. Decorate Aarti Thali for Competition

Aarti Thali Decoration for CompetitionCourtesy of Disha Rabadia

This is a perfect competition aarti thali decor. Use colored rice and other kinds of seeds to decorate it.

7. Aarti ki Thali Decoration

Aarti ki Thali DecorationCourtesy of Suguna Narayan

Use kundan stones and beads to decorate your aarti thali. Make a star pattern using red and green stones.

8. Beautiful Aarti Thali 

Aarti ThaliCourtesy of Vidya Shetty

Take a colored plastic plate and use small golden balls to make designs on it. Fill in the design with beads and stones.

9. Aarti ki Thali Decoration for Janmashtami

Aarti Thali Decoration for Janmashtami Courtesy of Tanvi Ujas Dharamshi‎

This aarti thali is made using old plastic spoons. Color the spoons and arrange them on a plate. Place a diya in the center.

10. Creative Aarti Thali Decor 

Creative Aarti Thali DecorationCourtesy of Sneha Shah

Take a close look at this aarti ki thali and try something similar at home. You can make this for competitions too.

11. Aarti Thali Design for Festivals 

Aarti Thali Decoration for FestivalsCourtesy of Hansa Vyas Sharma

Get a wooden platter from the market and paint it. Use clay to make the desired pattern and color it.

12. Decoration Ideas for Aarti Thali 

Aarti Thali DecorationCourtesy of Poonam Thacker

This is a hand-painted aarti thali. You can also use it as your pooja thali. Apply red as the base color and make intricate patterns on it.

13. Aarti Ki Thali Decoration 

Aarti Thali Decoration Courtesy of Mohit Singh

This is a very simple aarti ki thali decoration. Use shells and cut mirror glass to create this thali.

14. Easy Aarti Thali Decor Ideas

Easy Aarti Thali Decoration Courtesy of Geet Bhojwani

Go for this interesting thali decoration. Use colored paper to create a nice background. Add lace and beads to decorate it.

15. Simple DIY Aarti Ki Thali Decoration 

Simple Aarti Thali DecorationCourtesy of Nilakshi Pawar‎

Here is an aarti/pooja thali decoration apt for beginners. The decor is done in a very simple, neat way.

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