Pooja Chowki Decoration Ideas

Tips to Decorate your Pooja Chowki at Home

Place your deity on beautifully decorated pooja chowki. Pooja chowkis are used during Diwali, Ganpati, Navratri, Ugadi, Pongal, Janmashtami and many other festivals to do pooja.

Buy wooden pooja chowki from the market and decorate it at home. Use our tips and ideas to make colorful Pooja chowkis. Place them in your pooja room to increase its aesthetic appeal.

Take a look at our pooja chowki collection and get started:

1. Pooja Chowki Decoration

Pooja Room Designs - Chowki DecorationCourtesy of Urvashi Parekh

Take a simple wooden pooja chowki and cover it with a red cloth or paper. Secure the ends at the back of the chowki. Decorate it with kundan stones, pearl and decorative mirrors. Add a glass on top and place it in your pooja room.

2. Pooja Room Decoration for Diwali

Pooja Room Decoration for Diwali - Chowki DecorationCourtesy of Hemali Kela

Use this gorgeous kundan studded pooja chowki for Diwali. Place Lakshmi and Ganesh idols on it and do pooja.

3. Pooja Room Decoration for Festivals

Pooja Chowki Courtesy of Leena Savadia

Here is an amazing patla (pooja chowki) for Ganpati, Navratra and other festivals. Decorate the chowki with flowers made of foam.

4. Pooja Room Decoration

Pooja Room Designs - Chowki DecorationCourtesy of Usha Tiwari

Go for this clay and kundan work pooja chowki. Add circular design to this stunning square chowki.

5. Pooja Chowki with Paper Mache

Pooja Chowki DecorationCourtesy of Ruchi Patel

Prepare this paper mache pooja room chowki. Create a pretty flower in the center and paint it in bright pink, green and yellow color.

6. Glass Top Pooja Chowki

Pooja Chowki DecorationCourtesy of Hemali Kela‎

Use zardozi lace and kundan stones to decorate your chowki for pooja room. Don’t forget to embellish its leg.

7. Kundan Pooja Chowki Decor

Pooja Chowki DecorationCourtesy of Awanti Murarka

Check out this designer round pooja bajot/chowki. Create an attractive center with the help of colored stones.

8. Chowki Decor with Paper Quilling 

Pooja Chowki DecorationCourtesy of Mayuri Darak‎

The art of paper quilling can help you create this inspiring pooja room chowki. Paint the chowki with gold color before decorating it.

9. Pooja Chowki Decor

Pooja Room Design - Chowki DecorationCourtesy of Priti Soni‎

To get this look use glitter ribbon, cover the edges of your chowki. Keep the base green and adorn it with huge white and silver pearl. Use rhinestones to enhance its beauty.

10. Painted Chowki for Pooja Room

Pooja Chowki DecorationCourtesy of Sangita Gupta‎

If you are an artist then instead of decorating the chowki paint it. Use your creativity to draw beautiful patterns and designs on it.

11. Colorful Chowki for Pooja

Pooja Room Design - Chowki DecorationCourtesy of Mee Subha

How about this chowki decor idea? I would love to have this elegantly decorated chowki in my pooja room. Place a large round mirror in the mid. Decorate it with beads and stones.

12. Pooja Room Chowki Decoration for Navratri

Pooja Room Chowki DecorationCourtesy of Vinita Garg

Use clay to prepare this unique pooja room chowki. Make designs with clay and let it dry. Then, paint the chowki with metallic color. Stick sequins or rhinestones on top.

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