Pooja Ki Thali Decoration for Diwali and Navratri

Get Beautiful Pooja Ki Thali Decoration Ideas

Take inspiration from these beautiful pooja ki thali decoration ideas. Use them to prepare your own pooja ki thali at home.

For Hindus pooja is an everyday affair. The very first thing they do after having bath is to offer prayer to their deity. Every house has a pooja room, be it small or big. They love decorating their pooja room and things related to it. Pooja ki thali decoration is something they can’t miss on.

Pooja ki thali is used to keep the things needed during a pooja ceremony. These decorative thalis are made out of steel, wood or plywood. You can either buy pooja thali from the market or go for your own pooja ki thali decoration.

If you planning for pooja ki thali decoration, then first decide on the kind of thali (plate) you want. You might also need paint, gota (lace), kundan stones, pearl, shells, sequins, and decorative mirrors.

The first step towards pooja ki thali decoration is to paint the thali. You can also stick a fabric (preferably velvet) on the thali. Let it dry and then start decorating your pooja ki thali. Create patterns using stones, beads, paint and other decorative materials. Make sure you let it to dry off completely before use.

Here are some pretty interesting pooja ki thali decoration ideas, do take a look:

1. Ganpati Pooja Ki Thali Decoration Idea

Pooja ki Thali DecorationCourtesy of Awanti Murarka‎

Paint a steel thali with yellow acrylic paint. Dry it and stick decorative stones on it. Create lord Ganesh in the centre.

2. Make Swastika for Pooja Ki Thali Decoration

Pooja ki Thali DecorationCourtesy of Awanti Murarka‎

This is a red pooja thali with Swastika in the middle. Use pearl and stones to decorate your pooja ki thali.

3. Paint Your Way to Pooja Ki Thali Decoration

Pooja Thali DecorationCourtesy of Shreshtha Rakshit‎

Paint the thali in yellow color. Decorate it by making intricate patterns on it using acrylic paint.

4. Pooja Ki Thali Decoration for Diwali

Pooja ki Thali DecorationCourtesy of Shveta Dhanuka Garg

Create this gorgeous pooja ki thali for Diwali. Use decorative mirrors and glitter to decorate it.

5. Pooja Ki Thali Decoration for Navratri

Pooja ki Thali DecorationCourtesy of Anita Ambekar‎

You can choose a fiber plate as pooja ki thali. Embellish its rim with kundan stones and create a floral pattern on the thali.

6. Diwali Pooja Ki Thali Decoration Ideas

Pooja ki Thali DecorationCourtesy of Shruti Bajaj Wadia‎

Try this pooja thali decoration for Diwali pooja. Use red and yellow color to paint the plate.

7. Pooja Ki Thali Decoration for Competition

Pooja ki Thali DecorationCourtesy of Pallavi Bhogle

This is a competition winning pooja ki thali decoration for Navratri. Use fresh flowers and leaves to prepare this pooja thali.

8. Wooden Pooja Ki Thali Decoration

Pooja ki Thali DecorationCourtesy of Nikita Maheshwari‎

Choose this wooden pooja thali decoration idea. The pooja thali is extremely elegant and stunning.

9. Traditional Pooja Thali Decoration Idea

Aarti ki Thali DecorationCourtesy of ‎Binita Giri

Here is the most stunningly decorated pooja ki thali. Use zari/gota, pearl and kundan stones to beautify it.

10. Pooja Thali Decoration with Peacock

Pooja Room DesignsCourtesy of Awanti Murarka

Here is a lovely pooja thali with a peacock. It can become the center of attraction during pooja ceremonies and festivals.

11. Designer Pooja Ki Thali Decoration Idea

Pooja ki Thali DecorationCourtesy of Spandan Amonkar‎

Here is a designer pooja thali; you can use this during festivals or engagement and marriage ceremonies.

12. Simple Pooja Thali Decoration for Festivals 

Pooja ki Thali DecorationCourtesy of Sapana Sharma Bhatt‎

This pooja thali decoration is simple yet extremely elegant. Color the thali in maroon and white color. Stick mirror glasses and shells on it.

13. Beautiful Pooja Thali Decor

Pooja ki Thali DecorationCourtesy of Kalyani Sarode

Paint the base in pink and place two bowls on it. Use green kundan stones and white beads for decoration.

14. Pooja Thali Decoration at Home

Pooja ki Thali DecorationCourtesy of Hetal Vadera‎

I love this golden pooja ki thali. The decoration is awesome, the floral patterns have been beautifully created using red and green stones.

15. Pooja Thali Decoration Ideas

Pooja ki Thali DecorationCourtesy of Seema Chandak

Decorate your pooja thali with beads and stones. Color the center with orange color and add golden lace around it.

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