Pooja Room Color Ideas

Choose a Soothing Pooja Room Color for Your Home

Pooja room color should be soothing and one that makes you feel at peace. Usually people go for light colors like white, cream or blue. But, you can opt for dark pooja room colors like red, orange or brown too.

Though it’s better to steer clear of dark pooja room colors, some people prefer it that way. Thumb rule says if you choose dark pooja room color, then make sure to balance it off with light colors.

Here are some pooja room color ideas, pick up one for your pooja room.

1. Pastel Green Pooja Room Color   Pooja Room ColorsCourtesy of Phani Kavitha

Light pooja room colors are preferred by most people. You can do your pooja room in pastel green color. They will give a subtle yet great look to your pooja ghar.

2. Light Yellow Pooja Room ColorPooja Room ColorsCourtesy of Krishvi

This pooja room design is a beautiful combo of white and yellow. The golden frames add a touch of opulence to it.

3. Beige Pooja Room ColorPooja Room ColorsCourtesy of The Karighars

Beige colors are easy to blend. Use beige in your pooja room and create a calm, peaceful environment in there.

4. Metallic Pooja Room ColorPooja Room ColorsCourtesy of Navjeet Joshi

Pooja room designs with a metallic touch! Use metallic paint or wall paper to define pooja space in hall, bedroom or living room.

5. Cream Pooja Room ColorPooja Room ColorsCourtesy of Saddi M M Reddy

Cream is among the most popular shades that we use for our pooja room designs. It makes the room bright and open.

6. Orange Pooja Room ColorPooja Room ColorsCourtesy of Shweta Thakurus

Orange or saffron color connects us directly to the deity. It’s the most sacred color for Hindus.

7. Red Pooja Room ColorPooja Room DesignsCourtesy of Gayathri & Namith Architects

Use red to create an accent wall in your pooja room. The red mythological mural helps create a serene environment in there.

8. Black Pooja Room ColorPooja Room ColorsCourtesy of Ramesh Krishna

Dark colors are not very popular when it comes to pooja room designs. But, you can still go for a black granite pooja room if you wish.

9. Olive Green Pooja Room ColorSmall Pooja Room Designs in Living RoomCourtesy of Yukti Varshneya

Design a matching pooja room in your living room. Olive green color has been used to paint the living room and the pooja room.

10. Pink Pooja Room ColorPooja Room ColorsCourtesy of Sowjanya

Use hues of pink to do up your pooja room. Don’t go for bright, florescent pinks, save them for your bedroom.

11. Neutral Pooja Room Color Modern Pooja Room Designs Courtesy of Zingy Homes

Here is a neutral colored pooja room. Neutral colors like brown and beige offer natural warmth to any given space.

12. White Pooja Room ColorPooja Room ColorsCourtesy of Anil Dube Architect

White is pure and perfect. It attracts positive energy and creates no distraction while you pray. Pooja room designs in white look gorgeous.

13. Bright Yellow Pooja Room ColorHow to Decorate Pooja Room Courtesy of Innover Interior Designs

Here is a pooja room design in bright yellow color. Yellow is the color of sun, hence it is a good choice for your pooja ghar.

14. Grey Pooja Room ColorHow to Decorate Pooja Room Courtesy of Seva Rybkine

If you are planning to do up your pooja room in a dark color, make sure to balance it out. Use a light color like white, beige or cream with it.

15. Glossy Granite Pooja Room ColorOffice Pooja Room DesignsCourtesy of Gowtham

You can even opt for these stylish pooja room designs. Go for glossy pooja room floor to make up for the dark color.

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